Combien de temps faut-il pour construire une piscine?

Your decision is made, you will build a pool in your yard.

Of course, you do not want to wait to swim in your new pool and you do not want to live long on a construction site. Depending on the type of pool you want to install and the size of the project, the construction will vary between thirty days and several months.

In this article, we will discuss the various stages of construction: obtaining the excavation permit, installation of the electrical system and plumbing and installation of the pool.


Step 1. Design and Planning – 1 to 2 weeks

The first step in building a pool is planning the design. At this stage you look at the in-ground pool plans and discuss your ideas with your designer, who will suggest materials and suggest configuration options to decide on the shape of your new pool. In 1 or 2 weeks, the designer can present you a project, but expect it to be longer if changes are made to the plan.


Step 2. Permit – 4 weeks

The installation of a swimming pool must be done according to the building code of your sector. In addition to obtaining a building permit, you must obtain a permit authorizing you to fence the pool. Residential swimming pool regulations must also be followed to obtain these permits. For example, the fence must be constructed of material that does not conduct electricity.

It takes up to a month to obtain these permits. However, expect a longer waiting time if you apply in the summer, because the demand is very strong at this time of the year.

Step 3. Excavation – 1 or 2 weeks

As soon as your contractor has all the required permits in hand, he can plan and undertake the excavation work. This step is usually quick, but a few factors could influence the duration, such as ease of access to the site and the presence of power lines. On average, the excavation is done in about 3 days, but may take longer in some cases.

Step 4. Plumbing and Electricity – 1 or 2 weeks

Depending on the size and complexity of your pool, it will take 1 week or 2 to install the electrical system and plumbing. If other items such as lighting games or water games are required, this may take a few days or even a week.


Step 5. Pool Installation – 2 to 6 weeks

The installation time will depend on the type of pool you choose. To get a better idea of ​​what to expect, here is a list of the main types of pools with the corresponding installation time:

  • Concrete Pools – 4 to 6 weeks: Once the gunite concrete has been applied, let it dry for one month. As long as the concrete is not dry, we can not continue the work.
  • Fiberglass pools – up to 2 weeks: a prefabricated hull is delivered directly to your home and then installed quickly if conditions are right.
  • Vinyl Pools – 2 to 5 weeks: These pools require less work than concrete pools, and usually include preassembled components or are sold as a complete package to speed up installation.


Longer delays

Sometimes building a pool can take longer than expected for many reasons. Problems can arise during planning or construction, or after excavation, and lead to delays, hours of work and additional costs. Although a good contractor can give you a fairly accurate estimate of how long your in-ground pool will be built, some delays are impossible to predict.


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