Comment prendre des photos de rêve pour Instagram

How to take dream photos for Instagram

Instagram is a platform available on the web and as a mobile application that looks like Facebook and Twitter, but is focused on photography. It allows you to share your pictures with your loved ones or with the world. Focusing on the mobile experience, it is now one of the most important image sharing tools in the world.

As in other social networks, users first create a profile and then subscribe to the pages of their friends, celebrities, influencers and brands, whose photos appear in their newsfeed. They can also publish their own images and share them with their subscribers.

To better photograph your pool

Now that you know what Instagram is all about, you’re almost ready to take photos of your pool to share with your loved ones. But do not draw your camera immediately: without preparation, you risk disappointment, because your photos will have nothing to do with the pictures of your favorite stars and influencers. Taking Instagram-worthy photos is an art, but rest assured: With the tips you’ll find in this post, you’ll be producing professional quality photos in less time than it takes to say.

Take pictures for Instagram … without Instagram

First tip: to get the best results, avoid taking your photos with the photo function of the application. Why ? It is true that it is easy to use and includes a range of filters, but its settings are rather limited. You will control the image much better by using the camera preinstalled on your cell phone. And when you have more experience, you can download applications that can make settings even more accurate.

The lighting

In photography, everything is more beautiful in natural light. But that does not prevent you from using the mood lighting that you had installed in your pool. The idea is to take advantage of daylight or ambient lighting to avoid the harsh light of the flash of your device.

The quality of light

In the same vein, the most beautiful photos are taken just after sunrise and just before sunset, when the light takes on golden shades. This is what photographers call the « magic hour ». Indeed, it is much easier to balance colors and brightness in this diffuse lighting than in direct sunlight. If you still want to take pictures in the middle of the day, wait until a cloud passes, because it will diffuse the rays of the sun.

The composition

Composition is the art of placing objects, subjects and landscape in the frame of the photo. The rule of thirds is the most traditional method of composition. It is easy to learn: divide the image in three horizontally and vertically and place the elements of your photo in this grid. Most cell phone cameras have an option that overlays this grid on the screen.

We must also carefully frame the subject of the photo. Unless you have an infinity pool and plenty of room to work, the picture of someone surrounded by water will be commendable, but rarely impressive. Try to integrate the edge of the pool in the foreground, in the lower third of the grid. The result will be even more beautiful by lowering the angle of view (which will also help you to apply the tips on the pose, below).

Finally, pay attention to the background, even if it is fuzzy. The maintenance equipment of your pool will be very sophisticated, it will not be very glamorous in your photos Instagram!

The pose

When we photograph people, the pose is crucial. By following the rule of thirds, place your head at two-thirds of the frame. To emphasize your natural shapes without amplifying your volume (a common problem accented by the square format of Instagram), bring out the lengths by holding your legs straight and arms slightly apart (but not too much!).

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