Des jeux aquatiques amusants pour bien commencer l’été!

Summer is coming, and with him, the long hours of idleness spent by the pool with children … Children who have only one desire, play in the water from morning to night, you whether or not you need to take a break! To help distract you or plan a successful pool party , we have plenty of game ideas that fit pools of all sizes. We present you our favorite games in this post. You will have enough to keep the kids busy all season!

The shark

Aquatic variant of the wolf. The person who is the shark must catch the other players in the water. The caught person becomes the shark and must in turn try to touch the other players. This is a simple and fun game whose rules are easy to adapt to change the game mode. The large pools are better adapted, because the players have more room to escape the shark.

The treasure hunt

This game is perfect for pools of any size, even the shallow ones made for toddlers. It involves throwing various objects into the pool, such as coins, pearl necklaces or shells. Children must go and get these « treasures » at the bottom of the water. The parties can last for hours, and here you can change the rules, by giving a certain number of points to each object for example, or by timing the children to see who can pick up the items the fastest.

The invisible bottle

Fill a clear 2-liter bottle with water (make sure to use a cap that is white or the same color as the pool liner). Ask the children to line up along the deck, back to the pool, and throw the bottle into the water. When children hear the splashing sound, they can turn around and go in search of the bottle. This game is more difficult than it seems: because it is transparent, the bottle disappears almost in the water! Here too, large pools are more suitable – children will be less embarrassed during the activity.

The ping pong balls race

This game can also be played with golf balls, or with a mix of both. On each ball, write a number that corresponds to the points the ball is worth. Then throw the balls in the water. The golf balls will sink to the bottom, while the ping-pong balls will float to the surface. Then divide the children into two teams and place an empty bucket at each end of the pool. The children can then jump into the water to collect as many balls as possible, one by one, and place them in their seal. The team with the most points wins the game. Again, large pools are more convenient, but the long-distance pools will also work, as will the dive pools, if you use golf balls.

What time is it, Mr Shark?

This game is played in pools or shallow pools, where children have foot. As in the game « What time is it, Mr. Wolf », which is played on land, a child, the « shark », stands against a poolside, back turned to other players, who stand against the opposite edge. The children say, « What time is it, Mr. Shark? The shark gives one hour, such as « three hours », « five hours », etc., and the children make the corresponding number of steps (for example, three hours = three steps). This step is repeated until the shark declares that « it’s dinner time! He turns around and tries to catch his friends. Players returning to the other end of the pool can no longer be caught.


If your pool is big enough and you have buoys or foam pudding, this game is a great challenge for kids. Ask them to stand on the buoys and puddings and count the seconds they hold without falling. Whoever stays longer has won!

The throwing of balls

Another extra game for your pool. Even those who do not want to swim can participate! Take several Frisbees, write numbers on each and throw them in the water. Children must throw balls to touch Frisbees. Each ball that reaches its target is worth to the pitcher the number of points registered on the frisbee touched. This simple game works with pools of any size and is interesting for all ages.

The obstacle course

Create an obstacle course for kids using hoops and foam boards. To make the hoops flow, simply cut them and fill them with water. To float them just below the surface of the water, glue the ends together with tape and add a small piece of foam pudding. You can also add items to pick up, such as rings and shells. Starting from one end of the pool, children must dive, swim under and through obstacles by picking up objects, and arrive at the other end of the pool. This game works best in large pools, which allow you to space obstacles well.

Marco Polo

Kids love this outdoor game, which is played by two or more. One of the children is the wolf. He closes his eyes, shouting « Marco! The other children answer « Polo! With eyes still closed, the wolf must catch his friends, letting himself be guided by their voices.

These descriptions make you want to build your own pool before the arrival of the beautiful days? Contact the Narellan Pools team to find your nearest distributor .