How to Choose the Right Color for Your Pool

Congratulations! You’ve decided to get a pool before the summer season sets in! There’s nothing quite like having your own backyard oasis in the hot summer months, and there’s nothing more soothing than a swimming pool to cool you off as the inviting waters melt away stress. There’s no doubt about it, getting a pool added to your backyard or garden is one of the most exciting investments for homeowners, as it’s truly an architectural element that’s meant to be savoured and enjoyed.

There’s just one more thing to consider, once you’ve chosen your style of pool: what color do you want it to be?

The Marbleglass™ Range

Today’s Marbleglass™ Range offers a wide variety of options to help you nail your backyard style. With a 10-year surface warranty, world-leading technology, more flexibility, and better chemical resistance, Marbleglass is the finest pool shell. It also comes in a range of colors (13 Marbleglass). Using a unique technology that allows the blending of 4 solid colors, the result is a range of options that are more vibrant and extremely color-fast.

But, with over a dozen options to choose from, how do you decide which would look best in your pool?

Find Your Bliss

The pool should match your version of tranquility. A backyard pool is a personal oasis, and its ultimate look should reflect your vision of relaxation and retreat. To achieve that “look”, the first thing to consider is your existing surroundings, and narrow your options by finding a color that best matches with what already exists – your timber, tiles, furniture or surrounding foliage. Speaking of foliage – will your pool be in a shaded area or full sun?

Then, envision the “look” you are going for spread over the overall backyard/pool area. It helps to create a vision board to help you picture the environment you are hoping to emulate. Do you want a Caribbean feel? That might mean looking for something in an aquamarine shade. Do you want something more rustic or natural? A darker shade might lend itself better to that sort of style. Looking for inspiration on Pinterest, or a simple Google image search will also help you begin to better picture how different tones will give your pool a different look and feel and completely transform your backyard environment.

A Range of Options

Once you’ve decided what type of water tone you’d like – Blue, Dark Blue, or Green – you can begin to hone in on the Marbleglass color options that will work best in your pool. These include:

  •         Blue Tones: Blue Agate, Mediterranean Pearl, Aquamarine, River Rock, Grey Quartz, Silver Pearl, Platinum Pearl, Whitehaven Pearl.
  •         Dark Blue Tones: Blue Azurite and Black Onyx
  •         Green Tones: Summer Pearl, Bondi Sand and Summer Stone

Deep blues will be the most striking and will make for a bold backyard statement. Light blues are inviting and often give the impression of sparkling at the surface. It’s also easier to see and gauge the bottom of the pool, which many people prefer. Note that, to get a green tone pool, your Marbleglass will be a beautiful light shade of brown, like sand or stone, and the tone is reminiscent of the aquamarine waters of Caribbean islands.

View our complete color range on our website here.

Reflecting Your Environment

Remember: pool shell color and actual pool water color are completely different in some cases. Elements such as the sky, surrounding plants, and the depth of water will change the color of the pool. Since the pool acts as a mirror of the sky, on bright sunny days, the water will sparkle and glisten brilliantly, but a cloudy day might make the water appear more muted. Depth will lighten the water color, so, for example, around pool steps, the color will be relatively clear and easy to define, but as you step further into the pool, and the water deepens, the details and coloring will change, soften, and slowly disappear into the depths. Likewise, any shaded areas will appear darker due to the shadow cast by trees or other nearby plants.

No matter what style you decide to go for in your own backyard oasis, know that Marbleglass’ palette range will help you nail the look you want to achieve. It’s also a solution that offers unparalleled longevity, guaranteed to stay vibrant and beautiful, so you can continue to enjoy your pool for years to come. If you’re curious to learn more about the Marbleglass™ Range, and it’s unique features and benefits, contact us today.