Les meilleurs jouets d’eau pour l’été

The best water toys for the summer

A swimming pool is the ideal place to cool off and rest during the summer heat. And we can do more than just lengths and tanning! Discover the accessories that will help you organize fun games for both young and old.

Foam rolls

Pool accessory par excellence, the foam pudding is a must for its versatility: attach several to make a floating target, brandish it to do a sword fight, or rest on him to enjoy the relaxation in weightlessness. At the end of the season, you can use it in DIY projects that you can find on the Internet.


Available in an infinite range of shapes and colors, the buoys are perfect for entertaining kids, and even adults! Toddlers will love small sizes to wade, and older kids will prefer rowboats (if the pool is big enough).

Inflatable mattresses

These are not toys, but inflatable mattresses are must-haves for your aquatic accessories collection (and you will probably find them on sale in the water toy department!). If it is nice to sunbathe by the pool, it is divine to do so lulled by the water. And do not forget to get an inflatable glass holder to bask without dehydration.

Immersion toys

The treasure hunt is a nice game for the whole family. Nothing is more fun than going for objects on the bottom of the water! The most competitive can even organize the contest of whoever picks up all the items as quickly as possible. You do not have to shell out anything to get the « treasure »: any object that does not fear the water or damage the pool will do the trick. Wait for the treasure to flow before you jump in! For your convenience, put on a good pair of diving goggles, or better yet, put on a mask and snorkel.

Aquatic sport accessories

A pool is an opportunity to try the aquatic version of his favorite sport. Exercise while staying cool, what can be better? You will find on the market a whole range of sports articles made for the water. The easiest sports to practice in the pool are water polo, volleyball (with inflatable or regular net) and basketball (the basket is installed by the pool).


Kids love to dress up as their favorite character or dress up to their imagination. We do not think about it, but there are costumes made for water. Mermaid tail fins are particularly popular … and effective (prepare to splash water like a torpedo!).

Narellan Pools can help you

To use pool accessories, you still need a pool! Narellan Pools can help you there. Our high quality fiberglass pools are ideal for relaxing and playing in the water. All our models are designed, manufactured and installed by experts who consult you at every stage. Your pool will be ideal to enjoy your new toys.

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