Why Choose a Fiberglass Swimming Pool Instead of a Vinyl Lined Pool?

Mar 20, 2017

Narellan Pools was established over 47 years ago and has grown to become an iconic inground fibreglass swimming pool brand and global company that spans multiple industries including Narellan Pools.

There have been significant advances in fiberglass pool building technology and in the materials we use. Narellan Pools are very proud of the continued investment in new technologies, materials and manufacturing processes to ensure we continue to produce the most advanced fiberglass swimming pool possible. The quality and popularity of fiberglass pools is reflected in the growing number of Narellan Pools that can be found not only in Australian homes, but right across the world. It is reported that over 60% of new pools installed globally are fiberglass.

There are many reasons why fiberglass can be a better choice than vinyl lined pools, with the top reasons being:

1. Speed – Installing a fiberglass pool has many advantages, but speed has to be one of the most enticing ones. Pool installation is generally completed within a week… whereas vinyl lined pools can take up to 12 times that. (It’s not too late for a pool this summer!).

2. Price – In most cases fiberglass will be slightly more expensive upfront then vinyl lined pools, HOWEVER, with the cost of replacing the Vinyl (and labour costs) approximately every 5 years, fiberglass pools end up less expensive overall with no additional costs once installed.

3. Feel – Fiberglass pools are covered in an ultra-smooth gel coat, which gives swimmers a better feel under foot and less risk of kids scraping themselves on a rougher surface. There are no uneven tiles which may result in rough sharp edges or even pop off over time. Fiberglass provides a smooth finish and a wide variety of colour choices.

4. Look – Fiberglass pools look amazing as the colour is continued throughout the entire pool. With vinyl lined pools it’s difficult to match up the colours of the vinyl and the steps, often leaving a mismatched result.

5. Choice – Whether you have a big or small space, in most cases you will find a fiberglass pool to fit. If you would like a pool in the shape of your initials then your only choice is vinyl lined, otherwise you should find a fiberglass pool design to bring your dream backyard to life.

6. Flexibility – Many people believe that buying a fiberglass pool means they have to limit their options, but that is not the case. When you buy a fiberglass pool you can choose your water quality; chlorine, salt, or mineral. You also have the choice of additions such as; infinity or vanishing edges, spas or wading pools, and water features like deck jets or water falls, or a combination of all of them.

7. Warranty – Buying a fiberglass pool is peace of mind. Both vinyl lined and fiberglass pools will give you a construction warranty, which varies between 6 and 7 years depending on the local legislation. The benefit of fiberglass is that you also get a warranty on the shell, which with Narellan Pools is for 25 years!

8. Thermal Qualities – Extend your swimming season with a fiberglass pool as they heat quicker and cool slower!

9. No Rips and Tears – With a fiberglass pool you and your furry friends can enjoy cooling off in a fiberglass pools as their claws won’t damage the pool. A fiberglass pool really is for the whole family.

10. Investment – Thinking of selling your home with your beautiful recently installed pool? Fiberglass pools help you achieve a higher sale price where as vinyl lined pool can often lower your sale price, due to the unavoidable costs to replace the vinyl liner in the future.

So with these compelling reasons why fiberglass is better, it’s an easy choice. The next question you might want answered is ‘how much?’ Please contact one of our experienced pool builders in your local area and they will be happy to give you a free quote and talk to you about how we can bring your dream to life with a fiberglass swimming pool.

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