Above Ground Swimming Pools — The Answer to Your Sloping Backyard?

Mar 03, 2021

Adding a swimming pool to your property is an exciting and worthwhile addition. If your backyard has a slope, though, you may be worried that a swimming pool isn’t an option. Sloped backyards certainly do present a challenge to the installation of a swimming pool, but it is not one that can’t be overcome.

Above ground swimming pools are the perfect solution to installing a swimming pool in your sloped backyard. Whereas in-ground swimming pools require a flat and even surface, above ground pools can be designed into the slope of your backyard, making them the ideal answer for sloped backyards.

Preparing Your Sloped Backyard

Whatever option of swimming pool you choose for your sloped backyard there will be a certain amount of site work required to prepare the area. In the most extreme cases, the site for the pool in your backyard can be completely levelled to allow a traditional swimming in-ground pool design to be installed, but this is a very costly operation that presents a number of other challenges, and therefore is generally not advised.

Preparing your backyard for an above ground pool is all about working with what you have currently. Working against the natural layout and structure of your backyard will only result in more trouble and cost than it is usually worth. The key is to design a solution that will work with the natural terrain of your backyard, creating a seamless and unified space.

When preparing your backyard, it is also important to consider how you will add the finishing touches to your above ground swimming pool. Think of how you would like to landscape the area, and therefore what other site preparations may be required, and the layout and style of any pool decking.

Retaining Wall Options Explored

Retaining walls are one of the most popular options for enabling you to build an above ground swimming pool into a sloped backyard. The retaining wall is inbuilt into the slope, creating a reinforced space that the pool can be constructed out from. Retaining walls are available in a number of different materials and options, depending on your budget, style, and the design constraints of your pool.

Concrete retaining walls are the most common type due to their easy construction and low cost. They provide an effective way to create a base for your swimming pool and can easily be designed around almost any pool design.

Stone retaining walls are wonderful for creating a unique look and style, but they do take longer to construct, and therefore will cost more than concrete versions.

Wood retaining walls are perfect for creating a natural feel and are often a popular choice when combined with spa-style pool designs. Wood is also one of the cheapest options available, but it can only be used in certain designs.

Infinity Pools

One of the great advantages of having a sloped backyard is the ability to transform your swimming pool into an infinity pool experience. An infinity pool is a special type of swimming pool that creates a unique pool experience by making one side of the pool appear to flawlessly blend into the horizon as the slope tapers down. This creates the feeling of the swimming pool continuing on into “infinity”. The infinity pool experience can be further enhanced in your sloping backyard, with the addition of an overflow water feature, which lets the pool flow over the infinity edge.

Sloped Backyard Pools by Narellan Pools

Whatever the size, shape, or elevation of your backyard, Narellan Pools is guaranteed to have a solution that will work for you. We have over four decades of combined experience in designing and installing high-quality fibreglass swimming pools for our clients, so we can find the perfect solution for your Canada backyard. Whatever the challenges that your sloped backyard poses, your local Narellan Pools Builder is ready and waiting to meet them. 

Our range includes pool solutions to accommodate even the most challenging backyard environments, with both free-standing above ground and in-ground options available. We have a choice of pool shell sizes and styles, all uniquely tailored and crafted to offer you the best swimming pool experience possible. Our swimming pools are also available in a range of colours and finishes, all offered with the Narellan Pools commitment to quality, to make sure that you will be completely satisfied with your above ground pool purchase.

Contact the team at Narellan Pools now to find out what options are available to install an above ground pool in your sloped backyard.

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