Sloping Yard? Narellan Pools Have a Swimming Pool Solution For You

Dec 14, 2020

A swimming pool is a perfect add-on to any family backyard. Your very own backyard oasis, ideally suited for relaxing, entertaining, and even exercising. There is nothing quite like jumping into a cool swimming pool on a hot summer’s day. Each pool design comes with its own unique challenges and potential problems to be overcome. Sloped backyards present a particular challenge to pool design, but it is a challenge Narellan Pools is experienced at solving. Read on to find out some of the options available to pool owners with a sloped yard.

Pool Design for Sloping Yards

A pool is a flat body of water, which doesn’t lend itself to being on a slope, however small of a gradient, so finding a method to construct the pool in such a way as to provide support and keep the shell flat can be a challenge. But not an impossible one.

Narellan Pools, in combination with our network of pool builders, have a number of techniques that enable our builders to install our high-quality fibreglass pool shells regardless of the challenges your backyard presents. 

Retaining walls are one of the common methods used to help install and secure a swimming pool when the backyard is sloped. A retaining wall is a reinforced structure built into the sloped or hilled around to provide adequate support to the pool and its surrounding. Retaining walls come in a variety of materials and designs with concrete, cinder block, and wood being some of the most popular options. A particular thing to note with retaining walls is that suitable drainage is installed as part of the design. Inadequate drainage can cause water build-up in the ground beneath the pool, leading to structural issues and eventually pool shell damage.

Another option to install a swimming pool in a sloped backyard is to landscape and level the site where the pool will be placed. Landscaping the site is an extreme measure, and it often does require substantial extra work during the installation process, but it can be a great option if you have the space and budget. Landscaping and levelling involves removing and redesigning the yard area to create a flat space when the pool can be placed in the slope. Once space has been created, further landscaping can be done to restore part of the slope and maintain the natural flow of your yard.

The easiest method of dealing with a sloped yard is by opting for an above-ground pool. Above-ground pools are raised on a supporting structure away from the ground, meaning that even when the terrain is sloped or uneven, the pool can be made perfectly flat. Narellan Pools offers clients its exclusive, free-standing above-ground pools, which are designed for quick and straight-forward installation. As our builders raise the pool out of the existing ground, they won’t have to go about building a retaining wall, saving you time and money.

A final thing worth considering when you are dealing with pools in the sloped yard is decking to surround the pool area. Additional decking surrounding the pool not only serves to hide some of the support structure but also acts as a wonderful place for friends and family to gather or simply somewhere to sit and relax on a warm summer’s evening.

Sloping Yard Pools with Narellan Pools

Narellan Pools are experts at providing quality and innovative solutions to fill our clients’ pool needs. We pride ourselves on the quality, workmanship, and service that we apply to every pool design and installation. Regardless of the challenges your backyard may present, Narellan Pools will focus on finding a solution for you. We have an extensive range of pool designs available, each one handcrafted by our highly experienced team at our Canadian facility. With the option of choosing a free-standing above-ground pool from our range, you will benefit from Narellan Pools’ quality even if you have a sloped yard. You can feel confident that whatever challenges your yard may present, Narellan Pools has you covered.

Get in touch with Narellan Pools now to find out how our team can help you in finding the perfect pool solution for your sloping yard.

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