Profiter de sa piscine en toute sécurité : petit guide

Enjoy your swimming pool safely: small guide



Nothing is better than relaxing in a pool when the sun is shining. To cool off, keep fit, have a good time with family or friends: having a swimming pool is a combination of business and pleasure.

But be careful, around the pool, vigilance is required at all times. In this post, we talk about the rules to follow to ensure the safety of young and old.

Lay a fence

In order for your pool to put anyone at risk, it must first be controlled. Ideally, a strong fence will be put in place to keep young children and animals out of the water unattended. This fence should be 1.2 m high (4 ft), and its openings should not exceed 10 cm (4 in). Make sure your gate closes securely, preferably by choosing an auto latch. Do not forget to consult the bylaws of your municipality, as they may impose special obligations on you.

Also check that no object could be used as a step to climb over the fence. It is advisable to provide a space of 1 m (3 ft 4 in) between the fence and any object of this type.

To remain vigilant

Children who play in the water should always be actively monitored. This is self-evident, but the importance of this rule can not be overemphasized, as it is one of the best ways to prevent accidents. Children under five must be accompanied in the pool at all times. The others must be watched closely, and you must never go too far.

And beware, vigilance is not only for children. Water is just as dangerous for adults, especially when they are partying. Again, always keep your eyes open.

Teach children to enjoy water safely

The more children learn to take advantage of water without putting themselves in danger, the less likely they are to become victims of an accident. And again, let’s not forget that swimming and water safety classes are not just for kids. It is equally important for adults to know how to swim. That is why you are advised to check that children and adults who have access to your pool know the risks.

Stay hydrated and eat light

It is very important to drink and eat properly to enjoy the water safely. First, because you bathe especially in hot weather, you must be careful to hydrate well – which is easy to forget when you play in a cool water. Then, it is important to feed oneself to maintain one’s energy, but limit oneself to light foods to prevent bloating from coming to play the spoilsports.

Be prepared in case of an accident

Because all the precautions in the world will never completely protect us from an accident, it is important to follow training in first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and even, ideally, lifeguard training. who will teach us to help those who struggle in the water without putting ourselves in danger.

Protect yourself from the sun

It is in hot weather that the pool tempts us the most, but that says heat says sun. Because sunburns and heat stroke are fast, do not forget to put sunscreen on and regularly shade yourself for a break and rehydrate.

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