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It’s the ultimate question! What is a realistic budget for installing a fibreglass swimming pool and creating the perfect backyard design for your home and family?

The best way to plan your pool budget is to think about the three stages of pool building: the pool shell, filtration equipment and installation, landscaping and furniture, and maintenance.

Part 1: The fiberglass pool shell, filtration equipment, accessories and installation 

Budget: $35,000 +

Ultimately the cost comes down to your choices:

  • Pool Design and Size. A lap pool will be cheaper than a large freeform pool, and a small plunge pool less than a large family swimming pool.
  • Pool Filtration Equipment and Accessories. Are you thinking saltwater or a mineral water filtration system? What about intelligent pool automation, pool lights, a splash deck, spa, pool heater and a automatic pool cover?
  • Installation. Depending on your block of land, pool design and accessories choices, the installation cost will vary. A large pool requires a bigger hole. If you live in a rocky area, excavation will require an excavator with a hammer? Do you need to consider sewer lines? See where we’re going? Your local Narellan Pools pool builder will help you uncover any issues before you sign a pool building contract and start digging.

Part 2: Pool landscaping designs and furniture

Budget: $20,000 +

When it comes to landscaping, think about it this way. Whatever you pay for your fibreglass pool shell, accessories, and installation, plan a similar budget for your landscaping if you want your backyard design to have a WOW factor.

  • Pool surrounds. Do you plan to build a deck, install fake grass or have beautiful tiles surround your pool? Does your site require retaining walls, paths and gardens? What type of fence do you want – metal or glass pool fencing? Do you need drainage – plastic or stainless steel? What about an outdoor shower and pool hut for your filtration equipment and pool toys?
  • Furniture and Décor. Think sun loungers, deck chairs, an outdoor daybed, cantilever umbrella, a waterslide for the kiddies and pool floats. And a nice storage box to hide away all the bits and pieces.

Part 3: Maintenance

Budget: $2,500 to $3,000 per year PLUS $1,000 – #3,000 for a robotic pool cleaner

  • Basic running costs. Every pool requires water, filtration and chemicals. If you want your pool to be clear of leaves and debris and the water to sparkle all year round, you’ll need a robotic pool cleaner.
  • Winterizing your pool. Protecting your pool against the winter elements is essential to ensuring it’s longevity. From winter covers to proper water balance, in order to close your pool you will need to purchase chemicals and the right winterizing equipment, or plan to have your pool winterized by a pool service company.
  • Additional running costs.Pool heaters are the single most significant ongoing cost of owning a pool, but if you want to extend your swim season, a pool heater (and solar blanket) is essential.
  • Professional maintenance. If you plan to hire a professional to clean and service your pool, allow up to $100 per visit, plus chemicals.

Building a pool is a significant investment. Like any building project, it’s imperative to understand the cost to build a pool and budget accordingly. Too many families dive into a pool project without fully understanding what it takes to create an Insta-worthy backyard. That’s why, when planning your dream backyard, it’s essential to work with an honest pool builder who has extensive experience and is upfront about all the things you need to think about when creating your dream backyard.

If you want to be on the front foot, here are some considerations you must include in your budget to build a pool (and check if your pool builder does or does not cover them).


  • Do you want an area around the pool for seating?
  • What choices are available for a filtration system, pool water, heating and robotic cleaning systems?
  • Where will your pool equipment be located, and how will it be protected?
  • Where will you store the kids’ pool toys and floats?
  • Do you want a swimming solar blanket? If yes, will it be integrated into the pool area or temporary?
  • Do you need to consider sewer mains?
  • What do you want your pool area to look like over Summer break?

Approval to build

  • What is the cost to apply for a pool permit in your municipality? Are these costs included in the quote?
  • Who draws up the plans, and is that cost included?
  • Is engineering required?

Site Costs

  • Are there any access issues, power lines, trees or fences to consider?
  • Do tip trucks, cranes, and excavators have unobstructed access to the site of the pool?
  • Are sewer lines or other services located where the pool will be?
  • Is excavation a fixed cost or charged by the hour?
  • What happens if the excavator hits rock?
  • Is there space to stockpile the dirt, or does it need to be loaded directly into a truck?
  • Who covers the cost of dirt and rock removal from your backyard?
  • Is temporary fencing included in the quote, and who organizes it?
  • Does the site require traffic control when the shell is delivered?

During Construction

  • Do fence panels need to be temporarily removed? If yes, who is responsible for removing and replacing them?
  • Can an excavator lift the pool into its hole, or will a crane be required?
  • Can a concrete truck back up to the pool edge to pour the bond beam, or will a concrete pump be required?
  • Pools require electrical work for filtration, heaters and water features. Is this work included in the price? If you choose a gas heater, is the labor to connect to the gas supply included?


  • Who pays for the water to fill the pool?
  • What is the handover process?
  • Does your pool builder supply a pool cleaning kit (telescopic pole, broom, leaf scoop, vacuum head, hose and chemical test kit)?

Finishing the dream

  • Excavators, trucks, and cranes will transform your grassy backyard into mud and dust during a pool build. How will your pool builder leave your backyard?
  • Who will complete the hardscaping and landscaping?

Your local Narellan Pools builder will work with you through every step of the planning and construction process to ensure there are no surprises!

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A swimming pool is a significant investment, and your choices will ultimately determine the most expensive part of your pool build.

Your local Narellan Pools pool builder has extensive experience in pool design, site constraints and backyard design.
There are five variables to consider when planning your pool building budget.

1. Site costs including excess soil removal, rock excavation, retaining walls or the need for an above ground Pool

2. Accessories including a variable speed pump, water management system, robotic pool cleaner, mineral pool water system, heat pump, spa jets, swim jets and additional lighting.

3. A combination install, or just a pool? Adding a spa and splash deck and the equipment required to run them can add up to as much as your pool shell: the larger your combination install, the more pipes, filtration equipment, hardscaping and fencing you’ll require.

4. Fencing choices of aluminium or glass can vary significantly. Also, the length of the fence required for a pool with extensive surroundings can quickly add up.

5. Hardscaping and landscaping options. When it comes to your pool’s surroundings, it pays to plan. Are you happy with small plants or want established trees and shrubs? The difference can be up to $500 per plant!

Do you want a 1-metre width of tiles around your pool or a larger area for sun loungers or a day bed? The more hardspace around your pool, the more concrete (and tiles or pavers) you’ll require.

When it comes to finishing the pool deck, tiles are cheaper than travertine, and 20mm thickness is less than 40mm. A dropped edge will add to the cost of your coping tiles, whilst a bullnose finish will save you cash.

Composite decking will cost more upfront than natural timber but requires no ongoing maintenance. 200sqm of turf will be more than 20sqm. Then there’s sun loungers, day beds, egg chairs, a built-in cabana, an outdoor kitchen and a cantilever sun umbrella.

If you can dream it, your local Narellan Pools pool builder can help you plan it! Click here to get in touch with your local pool builder today.

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