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A fibreglass pool can transform a patch of grass into a dream backyard. When you begin your pool building journey, your first decision is: fibreglass vs concrete pool?

Each has its advantages and disadvantages, so it’s essential to understand the differences and choose the right pool design for your home and family.

Fiberglass Pools

Concrete Pools


Installation is fast and straightforward. You can be swimming in your new Narellan Pools fibreglass pool in no time at all!

Fibreglass installation requires an initial site assessment to confirm access and mark out the pool shell and equipment locations.

Once the hole is excavated and trenches for the plumbing is complete, the pool shell arrives at the site, and a crane lifts it into position. The hole is backfilled, the pool filled with water, and the bond beam installed. Done!

Concrete pools are typically custom designs built from scratch on-site.

After the excavation is complete, the pipes and a metal lattice framework is installed. Once a structural engineer signs off the structure, the pool’s interior is sprayed with multiple layers of concrete.

Once the concrete has cured, typically around 28 days, the finishing coating of tiles or pebblecrete is added. With the pool’s interior complete, it is filled with water, and the filtration system is turned on.

Pool Designs

Fibreglass pools are available in various shapes, sizes, depths and colours.

Did you know that Narellan Pools can customize your dream pool with a spa and splash deck, and enhance it with sun pods, water features and bubbling spa nooks, not to mention swimming pools lights and pool heating? When it comes to backyard pool designs, fibreglass swimming pools are more flexible than you may think!

Your imagination is the only thing that limits concrete pools design.

Concrete pools can be as big or small as you like, feature deeper sections and include ledges, swim outs and even a beach.

Everything about a concrete pool is custom – let your imagination run wild!

Interior Surfaces

When filled with water, fibreglass pools sparkle! As the sun moves, the water takes on a life of its own. On a cloudy day, the pool water will appear darker, and in full sun, it will glisten!

The Gel Coat applied to the interior of fibreglass pools ensures a smooth finish, making them softer underfoot and non-abrasive. Little ones will never scrape their toes on the pool’s surface!

The smooth nature of a fibreglass pool shell also guarantees they are naturally resistant to mould and algae, helping to keep the pool water sparkling and healthy.

Popular interior surfaces of concrete pools include tiles and exposed and polished aggregates, such as pebbles, glass beads and quartz. Your choice of finish will determine the level of sparkle in your pool water. For example, polished glass beads will be reflective, whilst pebbles produce less vibrant water.

Concrete pool finishes can be rough on bare feet and cause scrapes and abrasions. If not completed by expert craftsmen, tiled pools can have sharp edges that may even pop over time.


Fibreglass is a super-tough material that’s highly resistant to everyday wear – it is one of the most robust and durable materials on earth!

Concrete is a strong material resistant to chemical attack, making it an excellent choice for saltwater pools.

Because of their porous surface, concrete pools absorb water and are therefore susceptible to algae and bacteria. Concrete pools may require repair work at some point during their lifespan to handle general wear and tear. They typically require resurfacing every 15 years.


Fibreglass pools have a well-earned reputation for being the most durable swimming pools in the world. Because of this confidence, fibreglass pool manufacturers openly promote structural and surface warranties.

A manufacturer’s lifetime structural warranty backs every inground fibreglass pool crafted by Narellan Pools.

Regarding longevity, the exclusive Marbleglass™ gel coat technology used by Narellan Pools is class-leading.

A 10-year warranty supports the Marbleglass™ gel coat interior surface of every pool shell manufactured by Narellan Pools

Due to the unique nature of concrete pools, pool builders cannot match the extended warranties offered by fibreglass pool builders.

Concrete may require repair work at some point during its lifespan to handle general wear and tear.

In the absence of an advertised warranty, when considering a concrete pool builder, make sure they’re members of the Canadian Home Builders’ Association.

Build Cost

Fibreglass pools start around $30,000 and can exceed $120,000.

Concrete pools are unique AND require custom trades and can take up to 3 months to build.

The labour alone adds to the project’s overall cost, never mind the expense of mosaic tiles and structural supports!

Concrete pools start at around $40,000 and can exceed $200,000.


Fibreglass pools require basic maintenance to keep the pool water sparkling and healthy.

Balancing the pool water is vital, as is removing debris.

The gel coating of fibreglass pools is smooth and non-porous, which helps keep mould and algae at bay. That means less cleaning, fewer chemicals and less energy consumption, so there’s a smaller carbon footprint.

Sometimes there can be waterline stain build-up, which is easy to remove with a soft sponge and elbow grease.

Long-term maintenance costs are typically higher for concrete pools. They tend to be more prone to issues such as algae, as their surface is more porous.

Concrete pools require regular brushing to dislodge algae and bacteria, vacuuming to suck up the algae, regular water testing and in extreme cases, acid washing.

Concrete can also crack and degrade over time. Concrete pools typically require resurfacing every 12+ years. Depending on the pool’s interior surface, the cost of resurfacing can exceed $20,000.


Fibreglass has thermal properties that make the raw material a natural insulator of heat. Fibreglass absorbs and retains heat from the sun, which in turn naturally heats the pool water.

Fibreglass pools are fast to heat and retain their temperature for longer than concrete pools.

A solar blanket can increase pool water temperature by up to 15 degrees.

Concrete is not an insulator of heat and doesn’t retain heat like fibreglass pools. Concrete pools take longer to heat up, and without a solar pool blanket, heating costs can quickly add up.

Absolutely! A plunge pool will transform your outdoor space into a backyard resort. You’ll have a designated area to relax and decompress from the stresses of everyday life, and the kids will love splashing about with their friends in the refreshing water.

Thanks to their compact size and industry-leading fibreglass technology, Narellan Pools can install your plunge pool in a space you never thought possible – next to your deck, tucked in the corner of your backyard or nestled into a terrace.

The wonderful thing about plunge pools is that they have a flat bottom, making them perfect for low impact exercise and wading. If you install swim jets, you can use your plunge pool for endless aquatic exercise.

A previously wasted space, where grass never grew and muddy puddles are a permanent fixture in winter, will become a tranquil feature of your home.

Click here for the ultimate guide on planning your dream plunge pool.

Above ground fibreglass pools are the perfect solution if you have a sloped backyard.

Whilst a sloped backyard can present a unique set of challenges for your pool builder, above ground pools by Narellan Pools offer a more straightforward solution compared to extensive excavation and building retaining walls.

Above ground pools are often landscaped with decking, so they are perfect if you want your pool to be at the same floor level as your outdoor entertaining space or another area of your yard.

Above ground fibreglass pools by Narellan Pools are available in over 30 pool designs up to 9m in length.

Choose from contemporary designs of the elegant Symphony, elegant Ascent, family-friendly Federation, compact Madeira, resort-style Nirvana and Panama Lap pool.

If you prefer a freeform, organic pool design, check out the Atlantis and Princess. Rockpool is the perfect pool design if you want to create a backyard resort.

The Neptune Spa, and the Harmony Splash Deck, are also available in a freestanding option.

Swimming pool heating will extend your family’s swim season. When it comes to fibreglass pools, the great news is can you choose from solar pool heating systems, gas or an electric pool heater pump!

You can even set up your fibreglass swimming pool as a ‘smart pool’, making it super easy to control the temperature, filtration and self-cleaning systems using an app.

Solar Pool Heating Systems

Solar pool heaters use the sun’s free energy to circulate water through a rubber or PVC mat or panel affixed to a North-facing roof.

As the water runs through the system, the sun warms the matting, heats the water, and returns it to your swimming pool. Once installed, when the sun is shining, solar pool heating is almost free!



– Are inexpensive to operate thanks to the sun’s free energy!
– Eco-Friendly & energy efficient
– Lifespan of 15 – 20 years

– High initial installation costs
– Needs clear skies and direct sunlight to work at optimal efficiency.
– Slow to heat water

Pool Heater Gas

Gas heaters draw heat from a flame, making them very effective for heating pools and spas. Gas pool heating is the fastest way to heat your pool and spa water. They’re perfect if you use your pool or spa spontaneously or if friends pop over for a surprise visit!



– Heats water quickly
– Works fast in all climates temperature
– Low emissions

– Costly to install and expensive to operate
– Needs access to natural gas or a propane tank
– Not eco-friendly
– Average lifespan up to 10 years

Pool Heater Pump

An electric heater pump is essentially an air conditioner that heats or cools your pool water. A heat pump draws outside air into a chamber and converts it to hot or cold air by circulating it through a heating tank. Once the water reaches the set temperature, it is pumped back into the pool.



– Eco-friendly & extremely energy efficient
– Good alternative to solar for pools used regularly
– Inexpensive to run
– Lasts around 20-25 years on average

– Requires electricity
– Less effective in colder temperatures
– Expensive to purchase
– Heats pool water slowly compared to gas

Solar Blankets

A solar blanket is a giant sheet of bubble wrap that sits on the surface of your pool water. It uses the sun’s rays to warm and maintain your pool water temperature, stop leaves and debris falling in the pool, reduce evaporation, and prevent loss of chemicals.

Solar Pool Blankets are a great way to save on evaporation and retain heat. They can heat a fiberglass pool’s temperature by up to 8°C and cut water evaporation by up to 95%!

Fibreglass is a natural insulator

Fibreglass pools are easier to heat and keep warm than concrete or vinyl liner pools. Why? Because fibreglass is an insulator! Fibreglass pools heat faster, and when you use a solar blanket, will help retain and even increase your pool’s water temperature.

The wonderful thing about fiberglass pools is that they are fast and easy to install because they’re prefabricated. But with that, there are limitations on pool design. Or are there?

The Narellan Pools range of fiberglass pool designs includes traditional and contemporary shapes in a range of modern colors.

Add to that the Neptune Spa and Harmony Splash Deck and the opportunity to create a truly unique pool in your backyard is mind-boggling!

The popular Harmony is a splash deck, also known as a wading pool. When added to a rectangular-shaped fiberglass pool, the Harmony can create a coveted L-shaped design or add an entrance feature to the pool. Perfect for children gaining their water confidence or for adults just lounging in the sun, the Harmony can be run on a separate water circuit with a heating system, allowing you to control the temperature between the wading pool and your main pool.

Combining a pool, spa and wading pool, known as a combination install or pool and spa combination, allows you to create the ultimate vacation at home oasis in your backyard.

Here are the most popular (and spectacular!) pool and spa combination configurations. Let your imagination run wild!

Why consider a combination install?

Combination installs enhance the use of your backyard space by creating dedicated areas for swimming, lounging, and relaxing in a spa.

With land sizes in Canada getting smaller and house footprints increasing, access to backyards in new home developments is tight. In some council areas, new homes can sit just 450mm less than two feet off the boundary. That doesn’t leave much room (if any) for a mini excavator to gain access!

Installing a pool on a vacant lot before you build your new home is fast and very cost-effective. If you’ve bought a vacant lot in a new home development and chosen your dream home, now is the time to contact your local Narellan Pools pool builder to discuss your dream fibreglass pool.

A pool can be installed in the backyard of your new-build before construction starts. It’s much cheaper to install a pool in new home developments than negotiating parked-out streets, oversized cranes and a mini excavator later on. Installing your pool before construction starts means you’ll avoid access issues, and your new pool will be ready to swim in the day you move into your new home!

8 reasons why you must contact your local Narellan Pools pool builder when planning your new home

1. You’ll only need a single planning submission to go to your local council. Installing your dream pool after you move in will require a separate permit, adding additional costs.

2. Every property has a finite amount of backyard space. When you start with a blank slate, you can prioritize the layout of your property and allocate the perfect amount of space to the pool and surrounding area. Planning will expand your choices and ensure you consider everything from the filter equipment storage area, heat pump location and the number of garden taps.

3. You can avoid the issue of having to pay for soil removal. Landscapers may use the dirt removed from the pool’s location to backfill retaining walls and create garden beds.

4. With clear access, you’ll avoid the need (and cost) of a crane to lift the pool over your new house. The pool can often be moved directly from the delivery truck into its hole by an excavator.

5. All the groundwork and placing of the pool will be complete before your move-in date. Your sleeper pool will be covered and protected by a fence. Once your builder completes the main build, all you need to do is remove the temporary fence and complete your landscaping.

6. When building a new home, it pays to buy in bulk. Incorporating a pool into the design early on in the process and the pool build occurs in tandem with the house, you’ll save money on concrete, tiles and turf. You’ll also seamlessly incorporate your pool area to compliment your new home design. If you wait a few years, tiles may get discontinued, leaving certain design elements feeling disjointed.

7. With installed at the same time as your new home build, you’ll only need to landscape your backyard once!

8. If you wait until after you move in, you’ll have to wait for Narellan Pools to build your pool shell, have it installed, and wait again for the landscaping to be complete before your dream backyard is ready for you and your family to enjoy. If your pool is already installed your landscapers can complete your pool area with the rest of your backyard – no more waiting (or nagging kids!).

The new home-building phase is the perfect time to install a pool. With the help of your local Narellan Pools pool builder, you’ll build a pool that aligns with your lifestyle, budget and dream backyard design.

Narellan Pools fibreglass pools take pride of place in close to 50,000 backyards across the world! There’s every chance you’ll find a Narellan Pools design in your town.

When you install a Narellan Pools fibreglass pool in your backyard, you become part of a family that love to create and share life-long memories.

Once you’ve chosen your pool design and narrowed down the color to a couple of options, your local pool builder can arrange for you to drop by a client’s home. Our clients love their pools, and many are happy to open their homes to showcase their pool and backyard design.

Buying a pool is a significant investment. It’s also an emotional journey! You are creating your family’s dream backyard. Your local Narellan Pools pool builder will do everything they can to help you bring your dream backyard design to life.

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