With Narellan Pools you also get confidence and peace of mind when building the pool of your dreams.

You’re in the best hands, guided through your pool installation process by one of our local, qualified swimming pool builders every step of the process from conception to completion.

Our five-step swimming pool construction and installation process means building your dream inground pool is often faster than you imagine.

All areas of your fibreglass swimming pool installation is discussed upfront, including all site costs, council costs and budgets, to give you peace of mind and confidence when purchasing a Narellan Pool.

Our Steps to Building Your Narellan Pools Fibreglass Inground Swimming Pool

1. Conception

Working closely with your local, qualified Narellan Pools swimming pool builder, you will plan, design and scope out the full extent of your dream swimming pool and backyard. In this step, we create your swimming pool site plans, including pool fencing, map out optional requirements such as landscaping and paving, as well as obtain necessary statutory approvals.

2. Excavation

After all plans have received sign off and approval, your Narellan Pools swimming pool builder will begin excavating the area ready for your inground fibreglass swimming pool shell to be installed.

3. Installation

Once the site is properly excavated, the pool building begins. Your fibreglass swimming pool shell is delivered to your site and carefully placed in the ground, with all pool plumbing and pool filtration equipment installed and tested at this time.

4. Structural Beam

The final structural component of your swimming pool is laying the structural pool beam on top of the pool edges. This beam securely locks your inground swimming pool safe into the ground and keeps it from popping out.

5. Handover

With your swimming pool installation now complete, your local Narellan Pools pool builder will conduct a ‘handover’ of your fibreglass swimming pool with one thing left for you to do: enjoy your new Narellan Pools dream swimming pool!

We work transparently with you at every stage. To make your decision-making process easy, we provide you with all the information you need upfront.

All Narellan Pools pool builders are passionate about client experience and pool building. Their expertise ensures you will have the swimming pool of your dreams completed quickly and hassle free.

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