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Bring Your Business Dreams to Life

Narellan Pools has been bringing dreams to life for both our clients and local pool builders for nearly 50 years. We have an unwavering commitment to the success of all Narellan Pools stakeholders, making us a unique company.


We have become an iconic brand through trust, integrity, quality and innovation. Together with our trusted global network of local, highly trained and passionate pool builders, Narellan Pools has become the number 1 pool brand in the hearts and minds of our clients.


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Our success building a network of dealers can be attributed to our successful and sustainable business model that provides our dealers the opportunity to build their personal wealth and achieve their goals and dreams. Further, it provides the opportunity to create a saleable asset to subdivide or sell territories. We have an incredible marketing machine that drives leads to you as well as the industry’s best training encompassing on-line, face to face and in-field.


Narellan Pools has a culture of community and camaraderie. From couples working together, to powerhouse women as Managing Directors, to brothers in business together, to women selling pools, to third generation pool builders to children in conference sessions and at gala night to being out on the road with their parents, you’ll find it here. The very reason people want to have their own business is to create a better life for their family. Our culture and business model allows a beautiful blend of these two passions.


These are just a few key points of difference about Narellan Pools that see us boast incredible success stories dotted throughout our network. It’s easy to see why joining the Narellan Pools community is truly a unique and one-of-a-kind opportunity!


Iconic Brand – Narellan Pools is an iconic swimming pool brand that has been bringing clients’ dreams to life for nearly 50 years. We have grown to become the number 1 trusted pool brand thanks to our reputation of integrity, quality, innovation, trust and an unwavering commitment to our clients.


Narellan Pools Community – One of the significant benefits of being part of Narellan Pools is our community and culture. We are extremely proud of the collaborative, transparent and supportive culture amongst our community. Each member in the Narellan Pools community is committed and dedicated to the success of our brand and to each other. Our passionate dealers freely share information, successes, lessons, experiences and genuinely support each other.


Exclusive Territories – One of the defining points of difference in our dealer model is exclusive territories. This is important because it creates safety and security leading to a collaborative culture where sharing information is welcomed and enjoyed, as opposed to competing against each other.


Dealer Performance Coach – To help you be the best you can be, you will have the support of a Performance Coach. They will be there to assist, challenge and encourage you to achieve your goals.


Proven Business System – Our business has been recognized on the global stage for its uniqueness and ability to harness talent and grow a network of highly successful businesses. Our system provides you with a proven end-to-end business model, allowing you to hit the ground running. You benefit from our 18 years’ experience in developing a world class system. The old adage; “in business for yourself, not by yourself” perfectly sums up being part of our global brand, rather than going it alone.


World Class Training – We provide the swimming pool industry’s best training which encompasses sophisticated on-line, face to face and in-field components. The training covers key areas such as construction, sales, business operations, leadership, people and financial management, back end systems and many more.


Build Wealth and a Saleable Asset – Our proven business model and passionate commitment to your success, together with your drive and commitment, provides you the opportunity to build your wealth and create a saleable asset. In essence, we provide the platform; the rest is up to you.


National Advertising – We have an integrated approach to our advertising campaigns designed to create brand awareness and drive client inquiries. All dealers participate in our National Advertising Calendar and complement this with their own local territory marketing. This allows you to maximise your reputation as the local pool builder and increase your market share, driving overall business performance and success.


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Narellan Pools has become an iconic manufacturing and swimming pool brand through our commitment and dedication to quality, innovation, and our clients.

Our Unique Dealer System

Narellan Pools offers a unique culture. It encompasses a collaborative and supportive focus enabling you to connect with like-minded and passionate Dealers who share their lessons, led by a brand truly committed to your success. A winning formula that has seen us become the number 1 trusted pool brand.


We proudly boast the best Dealer system in the swimming pool industry, and we are constantly seeking new ways to be even better. One of the many things setting us apart from other Dealer systems, is our passion and commitment to your success as a local pool builder. These highlights include;

  • A proven successful and sustainable business model
  • A committed, innovative manufacturer dedicated to world’s best quality
  • A collaborative and engaging culture
  • Best in class training, tools to run your business
  • Engaging, collaborative and inspiring conferences and events
  • A Performance Coach to help you achieve your goals
  • Helping you create wealth and a saleable asset
  • Educating you on successful succession planning

Annual Conference and Events

Our conference and events are the highlight of the Narellan Pools calendar. Our conferences are the fabric of the Narellan Pools culture and where the magic happens. A truly family event, our annual conference is where we come together to celebrate, be educated, inspired and entertained.


We are so proud to have given our Dealers and their families incredible life experiences at our conferences. Some of the countries we have been to include; Africa, New Caledonia, Vietnam, Fiji, Borneo, Singapore and Thailand. We incorporate a local community giving project like building bikes for a Vietnamese orphanage or renovating and painting a local school in Fiji.


In addition to our annual conference, we host learning forums.


Every 5 years, we host the Narellan Pools Summit. We host our Dealers and their teams, we immerse them in our culture, purpose and learning. We have incredible speakers, evening events and celebration.

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