Highest Quality Fiberglass

With over 50 years of innovation, engineered science and technology have resulted in the creation of the world’s best fiberglass swimming pool shell.

World’s Best Fiberglass Pools

Focus on All Climate Conditions

Our proprietary gel coat and laminate construction ensure our inground pools withstand all climate conditions and soil types in any location – worldwide.

Unwavering Commitment to Quality

Narellan Pools has an unwavering commitment to quality; our stringent quality control and checks at each stage of the swimming pool construction process guarantee each one of our fiberglass pools are manufactured to the optimum strength and durability. Your peace of mind is guaranteed with Narellan Pools.

Our Process

Our Pool Owner’s Manual is a comprehensive document to ensure you keep your pool in optimum condition. By following the manual, you ensure your warranty is valid and your pool is clean, healthy and always ready to use.

Dedicated Client Care

At Narellan Pools our reputation has been built on a solid platform of quality and integrity. We want to ensure that if you ever need us during or after your pool installation we can provide you with a stress free service. Our dedicated Client Care department is always there to help.


Our fiberglass swimming pool shells are manufactured to the highest standard for maximum durability and resilience to last a lifetime.
Narellan Pools fiberglass swimming pools are engineered to withstand all weather conditions.
Narellan Pools inground fiberglass swimming pool shells come with Lifetime Structural Warranty.
Narellan Pools' Aquaguard® gel coats protect your inground pool against algae and bacteria growth, UV damage and fading.
Our fiberglass swimming pool shells are flexible and adjust with ground conditions instead of cracking as concrete pools may.
Every Narellan Pools fiberglass pool shell is embedded with a microchip that enables you to access all quality certifications and checks conducted at any time during and post construction of your fiberglass swimming pool.

Build with Confidence

Narellan Pools has become an iconic manufacturing and swimming pool brand through our commitment and dedication to quality, innovation, and our clients.

How It Works:

How It Works:

We Understand You

Our clients, and our network of local swimming pool builders know purchasing a swimming pool is a significant decision.

Our Installation Process

We take you through the entire installation process, custom tailoring a solution that meets your needs and budget, and provide you with all details right from the start so you know you are making an informed and secure decision, with no hidden costs and nasty surprises.

We’ve Got You Covered!

From conception to completion, we are with you every step of your new swimming pool journey!

We Can Help You Get Started:

Design with Narellan Pools

And with a pool design to suit any home and any landscape, Narellan Pools can help you create a beautiful and individually tailored backyard and outdoor living landscape.

*Disclaimer: For more information in relation to the Narellan Pools warranty (including warranties on the surface or above ground pools, warranty coverage, applicable warranty periods, conditions for making a claim and warranty exclusions) ask your local pool builder.

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