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Fiberglass vs concrete pools: Why is fiberglass better?

A swimming pool can transform a patch of grass into a dream backyard. When you begin your pool building journey, your first decision is: fiberglass vs concrete pool?

Each has its advantages and disadvantages, so it’s essential to understand the differences and choose the right pool design for your home and family.


Installation is fast and straightforward. You can be swimming in your new Narellan Pools fiberglass pool in no time at all!

Fiberglass installation requires an initial site assessment to confirm access and mark out the pool shell and equipment locations.

Once the hole is excavated and trenches for the plumbing is complete, the pool shell arrives at the site, and a crane lifts it into position. The hole is backfilled, the pool filled with water, and the bond beam installed. Done!

Concrete Pools

Concrete pools are typically custom designs built from scratch on-site.

After the excavation is complete, the pipes and a metal lattice framework is installed. Once a structural engineer signs off the structure, the pool’s interior is sprayed with multiple layers of gunite.

Once the concrete has cured, typically around 28 days, the finishing coating of tiles or pebblecrete is added. With the pool’s interior complete, it is filled with water, and the filtration system is turned on.

Pool Designs
Fiberglass Pools

Fiberglass pools are available in various shapes, sizes, depths and colours.

Did you know that Narellan Pools can customize your dream pool with a spa and splash deck, and enhance it with sun pods, water features, fountains and bubbling spa nooks, not to mention swimming pools lights and pool heating? When it comes to pool design, fiberglass swimming pools are more flexible than you may think!

Concrete Pools

Your imagination is the only thing that limits concrete pools design.

Concrete pools can be as big or small as you like, feature deeper sections and include ledges, swim outs and even a beach.

Everything about a concrete pool is custom – let your imagination run wild!

Interior Surfaces
Fiberglass Pools

When filled with water, fiberglass pools sparkle! As the sun moves, the water takes on a life of its own. On a cloudy day, the pool water will appear darker, and in full sun, it will glisten!

The gel coat applied to the interior of fiberglass pools ensures a smooth finish, making them softer underfoot and non-abrasive. Little ones will never scrape their toes on the pool’s surface!

The smooth nature of a fiberglass pool shell also ensures they are naturally resistant to mold and algae, helping to keep the pool water sparkling and healthy.

Concrete Pools

Popular interior surfaces of concrete pools include tiles and exposed and polished aggregates, such as pebbles, glass beads and quartz. Your choice of finish will determine the level of sparkle in your pool water. For example, polished glass beads will be reflective, whilst pebbles produce less vibrant water.

Concrete pool finishes can be rough on bare feet and cause scrapes and abrasions. If not completed by expert craftsmen, tiled pools can have sharp edges that may even pop over time.

Fiberglass Pools

Fiberglass is a super-tough material that’s highly resistant to everyday wear – it is one of the most robust and durable materials on earth!

Concrete Pools

Concrete is a strong material resistant to chemical attack, making it an excellent choice for saltwater pools.

Because of their porous surface, concrete pools absorb water and are therefore susceptible to algae and bacteria. Concrete pools may require repair work at some point during their lifespan to handle general wear and tear. They typically require resurfacing every 15 years.

Fiberglass Pools

Fiberglass pools have a well-earned reputation for being the most durable swimming pools in the world. Because of this confidence, fiberglass pool manufacturers openly promote structural and surface warranties.

A manufacturer’s lifetime structural warranty backs every inground fiberglass pool crafted by Narellan Pools.

When it comes to longevity, the exclusive Marbleglass™ gel coat technology used by Narellan Pools is manufactured to meet or exceed the blister, crack, and fiber prominence test within AS/NZS 1838:1994.

The surface integrity of the fiberglass shell shall remain free from blemishes or gel coat fractures when used in normal conditions and in accordance with Narellan Pools’ published Pool Owners Manual.

A 10-year warranty supports the Marbleglass™ gel coat interior surface.

Concrete Pools

Due to the unique nature of concrete pools, pool builders cannot match the extended warranties offered by fiberglass pool builders.

Concrete may require repair work at some point during its lifespan to handle general wear and tear.

In the absence of an advertised warranty, when considering a concrete pool builder, make sure they’re members of the Master Builders Association and the Housing Industry Association.

Build Cost
Fiberglass Pools

According to, fiberglass pools cost around 20% less to install than concrete pools.

Fiberglass pools start around $30,000 and can exceed $120,000.

Concrete Pools

Concrete pools are unique AND require custom trades and can take up to 3 months to build.

The labour alone adds to the project’s overall cost, never mind the expense of mosaic tiles and structural supports!

Concrete pools start at around $40,000 and can exceed $200,000.

Fiberglass Pools

Fiberglass pools require basic maintenance to keep the pool water sparkling and healthy.

Balancing the pool water is vital, as is removing debris.

The gel coating of fiberglass pools is smooth and non-porous, which helps keep mould and algae at bay. That means less cleaning, fewer chemicals and less energy consumption, so there’s a smaller carbon footprint.

Sometimes there can be waterline stain build-up, which is easy to remove with a soft sponge and elbow grease.

Concrete Pools

Long-term maintenance costs are typically higher for concrete pools. They tend to be more prone to issues such as algae, as their surface is more porous.

Concrete pools require regular brushing to dislodge algae and bacteria, vacuuming to suck up the algae, regular water testing and in extreme cases, acid washing.

Concrete can also crack and degrade over time. Concrete pools typically require resurfacing every 12+ years. Depending on the pool’s interior surface, the cost of resurfacing can exceed $20,000.

Fiberglass Pools

Fiberglass has thermal properties that make the raw material a natural insulator of heat. Fiberglass absorbs and retains heat from the sun, which in turn naturally heats the pool water.

Fiberglass pools are fast to heat and retain their temperature for longer than concrete pools.

According to Daisy Pool Covers, a Solar Pool Cover can let the sun heat pool water by up to 8ºC and retain heat by insulating the pool overnight.

Concrete Pools

Concrete is not an insulator of heat and doesn’t retain heat like fiberglass pools. Concrete pools take longer to heat up, and without a solar pool blanket, heating costs can quickly add up.

My backyard is tiny. Is a plunge pool a good option?

Absolutely! A plunge pool, also known as a cocktail pool, will transform your backyard of unused space into a vacation at home oasis.

You’ll have a designated area to relax and decompress from the stresses of everyday life, and the kids will love splashing about with their friends in the refreshing water.

Thanks to their compact size and industry-leading fiberglass technology, Narellan Pools can install your plunge pool in a space you never thought possible – next to your deck, tucked in the corner of your backyard or nestled into a terrace.

The wonderful thing about plunge pools is that they have a flat bottom, making them perfect for low impact exercise and wading. If you install swim jets, you can use your plunge pool for endless aquatic exercise.

A previously wasted space, where grass never grew, and muddy puddles are a permanent fixture in winter, will become a tranquil feature of your home.

Click here for the ultimate guide on plunge pools.

I live on a sloping block. What are my options?

Above ground pools are the perfect solution if you live on a sloping block.

Whilst sloping backyards can present a unique set of challenges for your pool builder, above ground pools by Narellan Pools offer a more straightforward solution compared to extensive excavation and building retaining walls.

Above ground pools are often landscaped with decking, so they are perfect if you want your pool to be at the same floor level as your outdoor entertaining space or another area of your backyard.

Above ground pools by Narellan Pools are available in over 30 pool designs, up to 9m in length.

Choose from contemporary designs of the elegant Symphony, graceful Grandeur, family-friendly Serene, compact Madeira, resort-style Nirvana and Panama Lap pool.

If you prefer a freeform, organic pool design, check out the Atlantis and  PrincessFederation is the perfect pool design for traditional-style homes.

The Narellan Pools range of Spas, and the Harmony Splash Deck, are also available in a freestanding option.

Pool heating and fiberglass pools: what are my options?

Pool heating will extend your family’s swim season into Autumn and Spring. When it comes to fiberglass pools, the great news is can you choose from solar pool heating, gas or an electric heat pump!

You can even set up your fiberglass swimming pool as a ‘smart pool’, making it super easy to control the temperature, filtration and self-cleaning systems using an app.

Solar Pool Heating

Solar heaters use the sun’s free energy to circulate water through a rubber or PVC mat or panel affixed to a North-facing roof.

As the water runs through the system, the sun warms the matting, heats the water, and returns it to your swimming pool. Once installed, when the sun is shining, solar pool heating is almost free!

Gas Pool Heating

According to Astral Pool, gas heaters draw heat from a flame, making them very effective for heating pools and spas. Gas pool heating is the fastest way to heat your pool and spa water. They’re perfect if you use your pool or spa spontaneously or if friends pop over for a surprise visit!

Pool Heat Pump

An electric pool heat pump is essentially an air conditioner that heats or cools your pool water. A heat pump draws outside air into a chamber and converts it to hot or cold air by circulating it through a heating tank. Once the water reaches the set temperature, it is pumped back into the pool.

Pool Solar Blankets

A solar pool blanket is a giant sheet of bubble wrap that sits on the surface of your pool water. It uses the sun’s rays to warm and maintain your pool water temperature, stop leaves and debris falling in the pool, reduce evaporation, and prevent loss of chemicals.

Solar Pool Blankets are a great way to save on evaporation and retain heat. According to Daisy Pool Covers, they can even help heat a fiberglass pool’s temperature by up to 8°C warmer than a pool without a solar blanket and says a well-fitted cover can deliver an energy saving of up to 50%!

Fiberglass is a natural insulator

Fiberglass pools are easier to heat and keep warm than concrete or vinyl liner pools. Why? Because fiberglass is an insulator! Fiberglass pools heat faster, and when you use a solar pool blanket, will help retain and even increase your pool’s water temperature.


Solar Pool Heating

Are inexpensive to operate thanks to the sun’s free energy!

Eco-Friendly & energy efficient

Lifespan of 15 – 20 years


High initial installation costs

Needs clear skies and direct sunlight to work at optimal efficiency. In winter, when the sun isn’t bright, you may need an alternative heater

Slow to heat water

Gas Pool Heating

Are inexpensive to operate thanks to the sun’s free energy!

Eco-Friendly & energy efficient

Lifespan of 15 – 20 years


Costly to install and expensive to operate

Needs access to natural gas or a propane tank

Not eco-friendly

Average lifespan up to 10 years

Pool Heat Pump

Eco-friendly & extremely energy efficient

Good alternative to solar for pools used regularly

Inexpensive to run

Lasts around 20-25 years on average


Requires electricity

Less effective in colder temperatures

Expensive to purchase

Heats pool water slowly compared to gas

Can I customise the shape of my fiberglass pool?

The wonderful thing about fiberglass pools is that they are fast and easy to install because they’re prefabricated. But with that, there are limitations on pool design. Or are there?

The Narellan Pools range of fiberglass pool designs spans 16 shapes in more than 45 sizes. Add to that four spa shapes and a splash deck, and the opportunity to create a truly unique pool in your backyard is mind-boggling!

The popular Harmony Splash Deck is a wading pool, also known as a beach area. When added to a rectangular-shaped fiberglass pool, the Harmony can create a coveted L-shaped design or add an entrance feature to the pool. Perfect for children gaining their water confidence or for adults just lounging in the sun, the Harmony can be run on a separate water circuit with a heating system, allowing you to control the temperature between the wading pool and your main pool.

Combining a pool, spa and splash deck, known as a combination install, allows you to create the ultimate holiday at home oasis in your backyard.

Here are the most popular (and spectacular!) combination install configurations. Let your imagination run wild!

Symphony + Neptune Spa + Harmony Splash Deck + Water Feature + Bubble Jets + Spa Jets

Color: Blue Agate

Symphony + Neptune Spa + Harmony Splash Deck + Water Feature + Inbuilt Automatic Pool Cover

Color: Blue Azurite

I bought a new block of land and are planning my new home and backyard design! When should I contact my local Narellan Pools pool builder?

With land sizes in Australia getting smaller and house footprints increasing, access to backyards in new land estates is tight. In some councils areas, new homes can sit just 450mm off the boundary. That doesn’t leave much room (if any) for a mini excavator to gain access!

Installing a pool on a clear block of land before you build your new home is fast and very cost-effective. If you’ve bought a new block of land and chosen your dream home, now is the time to contact your local Narellan Pools pool builder to discuss a sleeper pool.

A sleeper pool is a pool shell placed into the backyard of your new-build before construction starts. It’s much cheaper to install a sleeper pool in new land estates than negotiating parked-out streets, oversized cranes and a mini excavator later on. With a sleeper pool, you’ll avoid access issues, and your new pool will be ready to swim in the day you move into your new home!

8 reasons why you must contact your local Narellan Pools pool builder when planning your new home

1. You’ll only need a single planning submission to go to your local council. Installing your dream pool after you move in will require a separate planning submission, adding additional costs.

2. Every property has a finite amount of backyard space. When you start with a blank slate, you can prioritise the layout of your property and allocate the perfect amount of space to the pool and surrounding area. Planning will expand your choices and ensure you consider everything from the filter equipment storage area, heat pump location and the number of garden taps.

3. You can avoid the issue of having to pay for soil removal. Landscapers may use the dirt removed from the pool’s location to backfill retaining walls and create garden beds.

4. With clear access, you’ll avoid the need (and cost) of a crane to lift the pool over your new house. Sleeper pools can often be moved directly from the delivery truck into its hole by an excavator.

5. All the groundwork and placing of the pool will be complete before your move-in date. Your sleeper pool will be covered and protected by a fence. Once your builder completes the main build, all you need to do is remove the temporary fence and complete your landscaping.

6. When building a new home, it pays to buy in bulk. Incorporating a sleeper pool into the design early on in the process and the pool build occurs in tandem with the house, you’ll save money on concrete, tiles and turf. You’ll also seamlessly incorporate your pool area to compliment your new home design. If you wait a few years, tiles may get discontinued, leaving certain design elements feeling disjointed.

7. With a sleeper pool installed, you’ll only need to landscape your backyard once!

8. If you wait until after you move in, you’ll have to wait for Narellan Pools to build your pool shell, have it installed, and wait again for the landscaping to be complete before your dream backyard is ready for you and your family to enjoy. With a sleeper pool, your landscapers can complete your pool area with the rest of your backyard – no more waiting (or nagging kids!).

The new home-building phase is the perfect time to install a sleeper pool. With the help of your local Narellan Pools pool builder, you’ll build a pool that aligns with your lifestyle, budget, and dream backyard design.

I want to see an actual pool in my favourite colour. Do you have display centres?

Narellan Pools fiberglass pools take pride of place in close to 50,000 backyards across the world! There’s every chance you’ll find a Narellan Pools design in your street.

When you install a Narellan Pools fiberglass pool in your backyard, you become part of a family that love to create and share life-long memories.

Once you’ve chosen your pool design and narrowed down the colour to a couple of options, your local pool builder can arrange for you to drop by a client’s home. Our clients love their pools, and many are happy to open their homes to showcase their pool and backyard design.

Buying a pool is a significant investment. It’s also an emotional journey! You are creating your family’s dream backyard. Your local Narellan Pools pool builder will do everything they can to help you bring your dream backyard design to life.

Another great way to visualise your dream backyard design is with the Narellan Pools AR App. Use the App to ‘virtually’ place your favourite pool design in your backyard!

You can explore how your favourite pool colours work with your home’s exterior and landscaping. It’s the new generation of pool design and the best virtual pool showroom in the world!

Fiberglass pool installation: How long will it take to install my dream pool?

Narellan Pools pool builders follow a 5-Step Swimming Pool Construction and Installation Process that ensures your new fiberglass pool is ready for you and your family to enjoy in the most efficient time possible.

Step 1: Conception

Time: Up to 12 months

Once you contact your local Narellan Pools pool builder, they will book a time to meet with you and your family at your home. The purpose of this meeting is to investigate possible locations for your pool, consider any grades and slope, established trees and gardens, distance from boundaries and existing structures and explore existing services that may be in the way, such as water, gas and sewer pipes. Your pool builder will assess the access for excavation equipment, including excavators and tip trucks, and determine how your pool shell will be manoeuvered from the delivery truck and placed in its final location.

You may be surprised to know that clients install a smaller pool than their first choice in more cases than not! Why? Because after a site visit from their local pool builder, clients appreciate the areas required for hardscaping, the location of filter equipment and the amount of backyard space that will remain once the pool and surrounds are complete.

With knowledge of your backyard and site constraints, your pool builder will work with you to choose the best fiberglass pool design for your backyard, which will also complement the aesthetics of your existing home.

After providing a quote, and you’ve signed your pool building contract, your Pool Builder will work with a private certifier or your local council to gain an Approval and Construction Certificate. If your application proceeds under a Complying.

Development Certificate, allow around three weeks. If you submit a Development Application with your local council, approval can take much longer. Your Narellan Pools pool builder will advise the best option for your situation.

Once approval is received and your Construction Certificate is issued, it’s time to bring your dream pool to life.

Step 2: Excavation

Time: Up to one week, weather permitting

The first stage in any swimming pool construction is to prepare your backyard for the pool shell to arrive. Boundary fences may be removed temporarily, and garden beds relocated. An excavator will arrive at your home, and a dump truck will be on standby to remove the excess dirt. Depending on the size of the hole and if the excavator hits a rock shelf, digging the location for your new fiberglass pool can take up to one week. The excavation process will include any trenches for plumbing and electrical, paths and footings for retaining walls. With the excavation complete, your pool builder will install a temporary pool fence to protect the site.

Step 3: Installation

Time: One or two days, weather permitting

Once the hole is ready, Narellan Pools will deliver your pool shell to your site. Your Pool Builder will install the necessary plumbing and electrical to the pool shell before a crane lifts it into its final resting place. They will also place the filtration equipment in its location, ready to be connected to the pool.

Installation day is an event you’ll never forget!

Next, the plumbing is connected to the filtration equipment, the backfill of the hole will commence, and it’s time to turn on the hose!

Step 4: Structural Beam

Time: 1 day + setting time

The final structural component of your swimming pool is pouring the structural pool beam on top of the pool edges. This beam is typically 400mm wide (the same width as a standard paver) and securely locks your inground swimming pool safely into the ground and keeps it from popping out. If your design includes tiles or paving around the pool deck, that concrete will be poured simultaneously. Allow 28 days for the concrete to cure, and then the finishing touches can be made.

Step 5: Handover

Time: A couple of hours

With the installation complete and the swimming pool full of water, your local Narellan Pools pool builder will vacuum your pool, test the water and add the required chemicals. They’ll conduct a handover, teaching you how to maintain the filter equipment, test the water and ensure your pool remains in pristine condition.

Finishing Touches

Time: A few weeks to a few years

The wonderful thing about installing a fiberglass pool is that you can be swimming, best case, within a few days! Getting your backyard from having an oversized bucket with water in it and a temporary pool fence to an Insta-worthy space could take a few weeks or a few years.

The landscaping surrounding your pool will create the backyard design of your dreams. Landscaping not only visually completes the space and sets its tone, but it also shapes how you use it.

A well-landscaped pool area will increase your enjoyment and usage of the pool and its surroundings and help increase the value of your property.

To complete your dream backyard, you can hire a professional landscaper or do-it-yourself. Your design and budget will ultimately determine the time required to complete your backyard oasis.

What happens in my backyard during a fiberglass pool installation?

So you’ve chosen the best pool design for your family, planned the ultimate backyard design and gained the necessary council permits. What next?

Before your pool builder arrives on-site, there are a few things you can do to make sure your fiberglass pool installation is as streamlined as possible.

  • What do you need to protect? Is Aunt Betty’s prized Camellia Tree in the potential path of an excavator? Excavation teams have a purpose – to dig a hole. Make their job more manageable and your day less stressful. Relocate garden furniture, plants, and sheds so that your pool builder has clear, unobstructed access to the site of your new pool.
  • Consider your neighbours. Let your neighbours know what is going on. Swimming pool builders start work at 7 am! If you’re feeling neighbourly, pass a homemade coffee over the fence on the morning of the dig.
  • Protect your pets. If you can’t keep pets inside or contained during construction, consider sending them to a pet resort for a few days. Little and big paws and claws will be thrilled when they return home to their beautiful swimming pool!
Narellan Pools fiberglass pool installation process

Once the pool position is marked out and the height set, the dig begins. An excavator will remove the dirt, which in most cases, is disposed of offsite. After screeding, the base of the hole is complete. Once levels are checked, a crane lowers the pool shell into place. Next, the standpipe is installed at the deepest end of the pool, then the area around the pool shell is backfilled with a mix of sand and cement. As backfilling occurs, the pool is filled with water.

Electrical work, plumbing and placement of the filtration equipment occurs, the skimmer box is attached, then the concrete bond beam is poured. The bond beam is an area of concrete around the pool’s rim that ensures it remains safely placed in the ground and does not pop out!

Like any building project, things can get messy. Excavators and trucks will disturb grass, and cranes will leave indents in your backyard. Concrete will spill from pumps and if it rains, be prepared for mud. Pool building is not a glamorous process. However, the result is a backyard design and lifestyle your family and friends can enjoy and create memories in for many years to come.

What is the difference between a saltwater pool and a mineral pool system?

One of the most important decisions you’ll need to make when designing your dream backyard is: do I want a saltwater pool or a mineral pool system?

Both saltwater and mineral pool systems avoid storing and using many harsh chemicals compared to chlorine pools. The systems self-produce their sanitisers, ensuring your pool will be free of bacteria and algae year-round.

Here are the pros and cons of chlorine, saltwater pools and mineral pool systems.





  • Very effective at controlling bacteria and algae
  • Cheaper installation cost compared to Saltwater and a Mineral Pool System


  • Harsh on skin, eyes, hair and swimwear
  • Expensive to maintain. Chlorine pools generally require chemicals on a weekly basis



  • Won’t damage your swimwear!
  • Saltwater chlorinators convert salt into chlorine to sanitise your pool water, so you don’t need to handle harsh chemicals
  • A 20kg bag of pool salt costs $10 – $15, about 120% cheaper than minerals!


  • High initial setup, ranging from $1,000 to $2,500, plus installation costs
  • Saltwater systems are complex. If something breaks, you’ll need a pool expert to fix the problem
  • Saltwater is drying on the skin and hair
  • Salt is corrosive. Over time underwater lights and other fixtures can degrade and may need to be replaced

Mineral Pool System


  • Creates a luxurious and soothing bathing experience – it’s like having a mineral spring in your backyard!
  • High concentrations of magnesium make skin feel soft and silky. Minerals detoxify the skin, alleviate acute skin symptoms, and relax the nervous system
  • Perfect for swimmers with sensitive skin
  • Water won’t damage your swimwear!
  • Magnesium actively reduces bacteria and parasites


  • Initial investment is up to $1,000, in addition to your standard filtration equipment
  • Mineral cartridges require replacement every six months, costing up to $150
  • Typically, seven bags of MagnaPool® minerals is equivalent to five bags of salt
  • A 10kg bag of MagnaPool® minerals costs around $30 compared to $10-$15 for a 20kg bag of salt.
  • Mineral pools require chlorine to sanitise the water, whereas saltwater chlorinators produce chlorine themselves
Your local pool builder has extensive experience installing saltwater and mineral pool systems and can help you make the right choice for your family.
How close to the boundary can I build a pool?

Whist every local council has different rules regarding setbacks and distance off, swimming pools generally need to be at least 1m from a boundary fence for practical purposes. If you want tiles around your pool and a hedge alongside the fence, you’ll need at least 1.5m.

The size of your land will determine the setbacks required. When building a pool close to your boundary fence, you must be aware of Swimming Pool Compliance legislation, specifically fencing rules.

Rules – change all to metres

More Details


Rules – change all to metres

If a boundary fence is part of the pool fence, the barrier must be 1.8m high

Not leave a gap at the bottom bigger than 10cm from the finished ground level

More Details

Visit Fair Trading NSW


Rules – change all to metres

Boundary Fences (paling) can be used as safety barriers where the height of the fence is at least 1.8m high with a Non-Climbable Zone (clear space) of 0.9m at the top of the fence on the pool side.

More Details

Visit Victorian Building Authority


Rules – change all to metres

For fences at least 1.8m high, the 0.9m non-climbable zone may be on the inside of the fence and must be measured from the top of the inside. This could be useful for a boundary fence, for example, where it is difficult to make the non-climbable zone outside the fence . Make sure that there is nothing underneath this zone that a child could jump on to, which would reduce the effective height of the fence from the minimum 1.8m

More Details

Visit Queensland Building and Construction Commission

South Australia

Rules – change all to metres

Any boundary fences used as part of the child-safety barrier are at least 1.8m high on the side that faces the pool, with a 0.9m non-climbable zone at the top inside of the fence, a boundary barrier may be climbable on the neighbour’s side.

More Details


Western Australia

Rules – change all to metres

AS 1926.1-2012 requires that where boundary fences are used to form part of the barrier, the effective height of 1.8m should be maintained on the inside of the barrier. NCZ 5 is to be provided on the pool side of the barrier. The outside of the boundary barrier may be less than 1.8m in height and may be climbable.

More Details

Visit Government of Western Australia Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety


Rules – change all to metres

Generally, a safety fences and gates must be at least 1.2m high with non-climbable vertical supports and no gaps exceeding 0.1m. Land boundary fences that are part of the barrier must be at least 1.8m high.

More Details



Rules – change all to metres

All new domestic pool and spa safety barriers must comply with the Building Code of Australia (BCA) Volume 2 ‘Swimming Pool Access’. The BCA is part of the National Construction Code (NCC).

More Details

Visit Tasmanian Government Consumer, Building and Occupational Services

How much does it cost to build a fiberglass pool?

It’s the ultimate question! What is a realistic budget for installing a fiberglass swimming pool and creating the perfect backyard design for your home and family?

The best way to plan your pool budget is to think about the three stages of pool building: the pool shell, filtration equipment and installation, landscaping and furniture, and maintenance.

Part 1: The fiberglass pool shell, filtration equipment, accessories and installation 

Budget: $35,000 +

Ultimately the cost comes down to your choices:

  • Pool Design and Size. A lap pool will be cheaper than a large freeform pool, and a plunge pool less than a large family swimming pool.
  • Pool Filtration Equipment and Accessories. Are you thinking saltwater or a mineral water filtration system? What about intelligent pool automation, pool lights, a splash deckspa, pool heater and a pool cover?
  • Installation. Depending on your block of land, pool design and accessories choices, the installation cost will vary. A large pool requires a bigger hole. If you live in a rocky area, excavation will require an excavator with a hammer? Do you need to consider sewer lines? See where we’re going? Your local Narellan Pools pool builder will help you uncover any issues before you sign a pool building contract and start digging.

Part 2: Pool landscaping designs and furniture

Budget: $10,000 +

When it comes to landscaping, think about it this way. Whatever you pay for your fiberglass pool shell, accessories, and installation, plan a similar budget for your landscaping if you want your backyard design to have a WOW factor.

  • Pool surrounds. Do you plan to build a deck, install fake grass or have beautiful tiles surround your pool? Does your site require retaining walls, paths and gardens? Why type of fence do you want – metal or glass pool fencing? Do you need drainage – plastic or stainless steel? What about an outdoor shower and pool hut for your filtration equipment and pool toys?
  • Furniture and Décor. Think sun loungers, deck chairs, an outdoor daybed, cantilever umbrella, a waterslide for the kiddies and pool floats. And a nice storage box to hide away all the bits and pieces.

Part 3: Maintenance

Budget: $2,000 + per annum PLUS $1,000 – $3,000 for a robotic pool cleaner

  • Basic running costs.Every pool requires water, filtration and chemicals. If you want your pool to be clear of leaves and debris and the water to sparkle all year round, you’ll need a robotic pool cleaner.
  • Additional running costs.Pool heaters are the single most significant ongoing cost of owning a pool, but if you want to swim in the shoulder months of October and into April, a pool heater (and solar pool blanket) is essential.
  • Professional maintenance. If you plan to hire a professional to clean and service your pool, allow up to $100 per visit, plus chemicals.
What are the other costs and considerations of building a pool and creating my dream backyard?

Building a pool is a significant investment. Like any building project, it’s imperative to understand the costs and budget accordingly. Too many families dive into a pool project without fully understanding what it takes to create an Insta-worthy backyard. That’s why, when planning your dream backyard, it’s essential to work with an honest pool builder who has extensive experience and is upfront about all the things you need to think about when creating your dream backyard.

If you want to be on the front foot, here are some considerations you must include in your budget (and check if your pool builder does or does not cover them).


  • Do you want an area around the pool for seating?
  • What choices are available for a filtration system, pool water, heating and robotic cleaning systems?
  • Where will your pool equipment be located, and how will it be protected?
  • Where will you store the kids’ pool toys and floats?
  • Do you want a swimming pool cover? If yes, will it be integrated into the pool area or temporary?
  • Do you need to consider sewer mains?
  • What do you want your pool area to look like in three months?

Approval to build

  • What is the cost to apply for a Complying Development Certificate (CDC), Construction Certification and Occupation Certificate? Are these costs included in the quote?
  • Do you need a GeoTech report?
  • Who draws up the plans, and is that cost included?
  • Is engineering required?

Site Costs

  • Are there any access issues, power lines, trees or fences to consider?
  • Do tip trucks, cranes, and excavators have unobstructed access to the site of the pool?
  • Are sewer lines or other services located where the pool will be?
  • Is excavation a fixed cost or charged by the hour?
  • What happens if the excavator hits rock?
  • Is there space to stockpile the dirt, or does it need to be loaded directly into a truck?
  • Who covers the cost of dirt and rock removal from your backyard?
  • Is temporary fencing included in the quote, and who organizes it?
  • Does the site require traffic control when the shell is delivered?

During Construction

  • Do fence panels need to be temporarily removed? If yes, who is responsible for removing and replacing them?
  • Can an excavator lift the pool into its hole, or will a crane be required?
  • Can a concrete truck back up to the pool edge to pour the bond beam, or will a concrete pump be required?
  • Pools require electrical work for filtration, heaters and water features. Is this work included in the price? If you choose a gas heater, is the labor to connect to the gas supply included?


  • Who pays for the water to fill the pool?
  • What is the handover process?
  • Does your pool builder supply a pool cleaning kit (telescopic pole, broom, leaf scoop, vacuum head, hose and chemical test kit)?

Finishing the dream

  • Excavators, trucks, and cranes will transform your grassy backyard into mud and dust during a pool build. How will your pool builder leave your backyard?
  • Who will complete the hardscaping and landscaping?

Your local Narellan Pools builder will work with you through every step of the planning and construction process to ensure there are no surprises!

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What is the most expensive part of building a pool?

A pool is a significant investment, and your choices will ultimately determine the most expensive part of your pool build.

Your local Narellan Pools pool builder has extensive experience in pool design, site constraints and backyard design.

There are five variables to consider when planning your pool building budget.

1. Site costs including excess soil removal, rock excavation, retaining walls or the need for an above ground Pool.

2. Accessories including a variable speed pump, water management system, robotic pool cleaner, MagnaPool® mineral pool water system, heat pump, spa jets, swim jets and additional lighting.

3. A combination install, or just a pool? Adding a spa and splash deck and the equipment required to run them can add up to as much as your pool shell: the larger your combination install, the more pipes, filtration equipment, hardscaping and fencing you’ll require.

4. Fencing choices of aluminium or glass can vary significantly. Also, the length of the fence required for a pool with extensive surroundings can quickly add up.

5. Hardscaping and landscaping options. When it comes to your pool’s surroundings, it pays to plan. Are you happy with small plants or want established trees and shrubs? The difference can be up to $500 per plant!

Do you want a 1-metre width of tiles around your pool or a larger area for sun loungers or a day bed? The more hardspace around your pool, the more concrete (and tiles or pavers) you’ll require.

When it comes to finishing the pool deck, tiles are cheaper than travertine, and 20mm thickness is less than 40mm. A dropped edge will add to the cost of your coping tiles, whilst a bullnose finish will save you cash.

Composite decking will cost more upfront than natural timber but requires no ongoing maintenance. 200sqm of turf will be more than 20sqm. Then there’s sun loungers, day beds, egg chairs, a built-in cabana, an outdoor kitchen and a cantilever sun umbrella.

If you can dream it, your local Narellan Pools pool builder can help you plan it! Click here to get in touch with your local pool builder today.

What pool finance does Narellan Pools offer?

Narellan Pools has partnered with HandyPay™ to help you finance a pool.
HandyPay™ is affordable and straightforward pool finance that allows you to create your dream backyard today!

  • No exit or early repayment fees, so you can refinance at any time
  • Flexible loan terms from 12 to 84 months (1 – 7 years)
  • You choose a weekly, fortnight or monthly payment schedule to suit your income
  • Loans up to $75,000
  • Use HandyPay™ to pay for upfront costs, including deposits, planning approvals and progress payments

To be approved for HandyPay™, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years
  • A permanent resident of Australia
  • Provide identification documents, your address and contact information
  • Provide bank statements so HandyPay™ can determine the best repayment plan for you!

HandyPay™ runs a soft credit check so that applying won’t impact your credit score. Click here to apply now for HandyPay™.

Your local pool builder may offer alternative finance solutions.

Narellan Pools offer so many swimming pool designs! How do I choose the perfect fiberglass pool design for my family?

It’s simple: why do you want a pool?

  • Create a place for kids to play and adults to relax
  • Make a tranquil haven in a small backyard
  • Swim uninterrupted laps for exercise
  • To have a vacation at home

Also, think about where the pool will sit in your backyard relative to your alfresco, indoor entertaining areas and aspect. Do you want to see your pool from inside your house? Where in your backyard is a nice sunny spot protected from the wind and away from large trees? Do you want space around your pool for deck chairs, a day bed or sun lounges? Finally, where will you store your filtration equipment, pool cleaner and the kids pool toys?Finding the best fiberglass pool design is easy when you have a clear vision for your dream backyard!

Color! How do I choose the right pool color for my home?

The colour of your pool, and the water in it, is crucial because it will ultimately determine the look and feel of your backyard.

Think about the atmosphere you want to create and how the pool colour, when filled with water, will complement and blend with your home and landscaping choices.

What colour do you want your pool water to be?

Things to consider when choosing your fiberglass pool color

  • The colour of a fiberglass pool shell is not resemblant to how the pool will look when filled with water. A sand-coloured pool shell will produce green-tinted water, and a white surface will sparkle like the water of the iconic Whitehaven Beach.
  • Do you want your swimming pool to be a central element of your backyard or blend into the surroundings and garden?
  • Will your pool blend seamlessly with your home and backyard design, or do you want it to stand out and be a central feature?

Narellan Pools Marbleglass™ pool color range
Marbleglass™ is available in a range of colors offering plenty of options to suit your dream backyard design. Using a unique technology that allows the blending of colors sprayed onto the interior of the pool shell, the result is a range of vibrant, UV-resistant, and extremely color-fast pool shell colors. Covered by a 10-year surface warranty and world-leading technology, Marbleglass™ is the world’s most advanced fiberglass pool color system.

Check out Narellan Pools on Pinterest for pool color ideas and backyard design inspiration!

Disclaimer: The colors are a representation only & may not represent the final product. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information and illustrations on this website. You acknowledge that such information, illustrations and colors may contain inaccuracies and we expressly exclude liability for any such inaccuracies to the fullest extent permitted by law. Your use of any information provided is entirely at your own risk, for which Narellan Pools Pty Ltd and any of its Body Corporate shall not be liable. It shall be your own responsibility to ensure that any information received from this website meets your specific requirements.

Blue Agate

Mediterranean Pearl

Whitehaven Pearl

Blue Azurite

Grey Quartz

Platinum Pearl

Summer Stone

Summer Pearl

River Rock

Bondi Sand

Green Malachite

Green Jadeite

The difference between light and dark pool colors
Light Pool Colors

Draws more attention to the pool itself, so if you want your pool to be the centrepiece of your backyard, choose a light color

Are more likely to draw your eye to the bottom of the pool, showing leaves and debris. If you want a pristine-looking pool 365 days of the year, a light color may not be the best option for you

Light colored pool shells are cooler overall than dark pools because they reflect the light and heat

A pool positioned in full shade benefits from being a light color to combat the effects of the lack of sunlight

Dark Pool Colors

Tends to allow the pool’s surroundings and other landscaping features to stand out

Absorbs and retains heat more efficiently

Dark fiberglass pool colors will be naturally warmer all year round

Hides leaves, dirt and debris (and spiders!)

What is the typical size of a plunge pool?

Plunge pool designs by Narellan Pools range from 3.2m square up to 5m long x 2.7m wide. Like the deep pool of water typically found at the base of a waterfall, plunge pools by Narellan Pools offer a deep water cavity perfect for wading and low impact exercise.

The Nirvana captures the essence of poolside luxury. Combining a 300mm deep resort-style splash deck and generous swimming area, it’s the perfect option for a compact backyard.

If you’re after a streamlined shape with the flexibility to add swim jets, check out the Eden.

Before browsing the Narellan Pools range of plunge pools, download the Narellan Pools AR App to your smartphone and go out into your backyard.

Use the App to ‘virtually’ place your favourite pool design in your backyard! You can switch between plunge pool designs, change sizes and explore how each colour works with your home’s exterior and landscaping. It’s the new generation of pool design and the best virtual pool showroom in the world!

How long do fiberglass pools last?

Fiberglass is one of the most robust and durable materials on earth. However, not all fiberglass pools are made equal. When researching fiberglass pool builders, here are four key factors to consider:

  1. How long has the manufacturer been in business?
  2. Does the pool builder have company-owned manufacturing facilities, or are pools manufactured in a multi-brand facility?
  3. Is the manufacturer forthcoming with the products used to manufacture their pool shells and their manufacturing process?
  4. What tests and checks form part of the manufacturing process?
  5. What type of warranties protects your purchase?

How does Narellan Pools stack up?

  1. Narellan Pools was established in 1971 and is one of Australia’s first fiberglass pool manufacturers.
  2. With state-of-the-art facilities in Picton, New South Wales, and Stapylton, Queensland, operating to the ISO 9001 accreditation standards, Narellan Pools consistently exceeds regulatory requirements for manufacturing and quality. The company sources all raw materials used to make its pools, manage manufacturing standards and set the processes under which Narellan Pools local pool builders install them.
  3. Narellan Pools exclusively source raw materials from Allnex. The Narellan Pools manufacturing process:
    • Employs highly qualified expert technicians
    • Completes thickness testing throughout the process
    • Embeds a microchip capturing the craftsmen who built the pool, factory conditions during the construction process, and the pool shell’s weight in each pool shell
    • Details quality controls and checks at every stage of the pool building process
    • Implements a formal process for continuous improvement of products and processes
  4. Throughout the manufacturing process, every fiberglass pool shell partakes in:
    • Ultrasonic thickness test
    • Accelerated boil test
    • Ph and chlorine test
    • UV test
    • Total quality management
    • Detailed inspection
  5. A Lifetime Structural Warranty covers every inground fiberglass pool manufactured by Narellan Pools. Our unique fiberglass formula includes:
    • Maximum interlaminate adhesion
    • Optional thickness consistency throughout the pool
    • Enhanced durability through extra reinforcements in the manufacturing process
    • Balanced flexural and tensile strength

As the designer, manufacturer, retailer and installer, Narellan Pools stand behind the superior quality of its fiberglass swimming pools.

With 50 years of innovation, engineering and composite development, Narellan Pools creates the world’s best fiberglass pools.

What fiberglass pool warranty does Narellan Pools offer?

Fiberglass is one of the strongest materials on the planet. More flexible than carbon fiber, it’s the perfect raw material from which to manufacture pool shells.

For 50 years, Narellan Pools has earned a reputation for building the world’s best and most loved fiberglass swimming pools. Manufactured in one of Narellan Pools company-owned state-of-the-art ISO 9001 accredited manufacturing facilities, every pool meets the highest safety and manufacturing standards.

With the recommended care and attention, and by avoiding harsh cleaning regimes and chemicals, you can expect your new Narellan Pools fiberglass swimming pool to last for your lifetime, with only some minor maintenance.

Pool equipment, including filters and automatic pool cleaners, are supported by Manufacturer Warranties.

Narellan Pools offer two warranties: a Structural Warranty and a Marbleglass™ Surface Warranty.

Narellan Pools Structural Warranty

Every inground fiberglass pool shell manufactured and sold by Narellan Pools is covered by a lifetime structural warranty on structural defects.

Every above ground fiberglass pool shell manufactured and sold by Narellan Pools is covered by a 15-year structural warranty on structural defects.

For inground and above ground pools, Narellan Pools warrants that the fiberglass shell will remain structurally sound and capable of holding chemically treated water appropriate for a swimming pool, when used in normal conditions and in accordance with the Narellan Pools Pool Owner’s Manual.

Narellan Pools Marbleglass™ Surface Warranty

When it comes to longevity, the exclusive Marbleglass™ gel coat technology used by Narellan Pools is class-leading.

Narellan Pools warrants that the Marbleglass™ interior surface will meet or exceed the blister, crack and fiber prominence test within Australian Standard 1838:2021. The surface integrity of the fiberglass shell shall remain free from blemishes or gel coat fractures when used in normal conditions and by following the Narellan Pools’ Pool Owner’s Manual.

A 10-year warranty supports the Marbleglass™ gel coat interior surface.

Equipment Warranty

Narellan Pools has partnerships with premium pool equipment and accessories suppliers, including Fluidra (Astral Pool and Zodiac) Pentair, Daisy Pool Covers and Reece.

Your Narellan Pools pool builder will provide you with equipment warranty documents upon handover of your new pool.

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