What You Can do to Keep Your Pool Area Safe
May 22, 2023

There’s hardly anything more exciting than your property becoming home to a new swimming pool, and if you’re a new pool owner, you’ll know that the entire family will want to use the brand-new backyard addition constantly!

Key responsibilities are tied to owning a pool though, and one of them is making your pool space as safe as you can, so as to prevent accidents.

Keeping your pool area safe is especially paramount if you’re a pet owner or have little children, as they may not perceive the risks associated with a swimming pool.

This blog highlights a variety of ways to secure your pool space, to help avoid accidents.

Proper Fencing

No matter where you are, secure fencing is essential for swimming pools. Your swimming pool fencing should comply with your municipality’s regulations, so familiarize yourself with these regulations when deciding on your pool fencing. There are several eye-catching fencing options in the market, so once you’ve found your preference, you should research it before buying it to ensure that it aligns with regulations. No pool area is complete without safe and adequate pool fencing. After your pool fencing has been installed, you’ll need to check the gate on an ongoing basis to ensure it shuts and locks as it should and keep an eye out for any loose screws or anything requiring attention.

Pool Covers/Blankets

Whether you want one for heat retention, prevention of water loss or preventing debris building up in your swimming pool, a pool cover or blanket can actually help in a way you may not have considered. Depending on their material, pool covers and pool blankets can add an extra element of safety to your pool area, by covering the pool when you’re not using it. If you have little ones or pets in your household, a pool cover is a great idea for your pool.

Security Camera

Have you thought about installing a security camera, to provide surveillance coverage of your complete backyard space? Many security camera devices available today work with apps on your smartphone, so even if you’re not at home, you can detect unexpected movement in your yard, and find out if unexpected guests are trying to get into the pool area. Some of them even have voice/audio components, allowing you to speak to whoever is in the yard.

Lock Pool Toys Away

Prevent tripping hazards around the pool by ensuring pool toys and pool inflatables are put away after each swim session- preferably in a locked shed or garage. Remember that young children can see a swimming pool as extra tempting if they have pool toys to play with, so securing your pool toys away from little hands can help to prevent curious kids from trying to get into the pool area.

We don’t always have the option of staying home, so it’s good to know that when you’re out of the house, your pool area is secure, thus helping to protect your family. As revealed above, you can enhance the safety of your pool space through numerous methods and as a result, help to prevent accidents.

Always watch out for hazards around your swimming pool, and maintain regular checks of your pool security devices so you know that they’re in good operating order.

One of the best ways to protect your family is to stay vigilant when it comes to pool safety, so pay attention to the safety of your pool space to ensure your pool area continues to be a joyful and blissful environment.

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