4 Tips To Take The Best Pool Photos
May 18, 2023

You’ve found the most wonderful pool for your home. It’s built in your yard by your local Narellan Pools Builder. You and your family are ready to embrace backyard bliss. Now what? Here are 4 tips to help you take the best pool photos ever!

Making memories and capturing them, of course!

Capturing days spent in and around your swimming pool through photos will allow you to look back on fond memories whenever you like, and there are several ways you can get a variety of beautiful and fun photos in and of your pool.

Preparation is key to taking the best pool photos. Don’t stress – there’s nothing major that you need to do to have a great photography session. You just want to have what you need readily available to you so you don’t miss capturing special moments.

1. Get Your Camera Ready

No matter if you use your smartphone or your full DSLR camera, you’ll be able to take fantastic photos. Set up your devices to leverage the best angles and lighting (dawn and dusk are perfect for photography). If you’re using your phone’s camera, shift your deck chair to different locations, so you can make use of the best conditions. If you have a drone camera available to you, this is the perfect time to use it! Set it up ahead of your swim session. Also, bring with you anything you’d like to feature in your photos, like pool inflatables, before your family and/or friends all get in the pool.

2. Prep your Pool Area

Once you know what tech you want to use, the next step is to get your pool area ready. Tidy up the area before you take photos; start by removing the pool cleaner after it cleans the pool, roll up the pool cover and ensure it’s stored properly, and put away any objects that might detract from the photos, such as old pool toys or a garden hose. The pool gate will also need to stay shut while you’re taking photos.

3. How To Take The Perfect Lifestyle Shots

Those unplanned moments of happiness make for the most delightful photos. Try to get pictures of little ones smiling, friends laughing, and selfies of you relaxing by the pool. If you’re planning to post your photos on your social media pages, opt for snaps of creative but safe activities like pool fishing, a poolside dinner party, or have someone take a photo of you lounging on a pool inflatable in the water, with your favourite book. You could even get a selfie with everyone in the pool appearing behind you in the same shot.

4. Pool Photos at their Best

Your newly installed Narellan pool is the perfect subject for top-class photography. To prepare you to take photos of your own pool, you can draw inspiration from sources such as Narellan Pools’ Gallery, and our Facebook and Instagram pages. You’ll see that the photos shared there showcase Narellan pools in all sorts of lighting conditions and from several angles. Drone photography is fantastic at getting the whole pool in a single image, but if you only have your smartphone available to you, try close-ups of the water, water features, and the pavers where they meet the water. Focus on your pool shape’s differing angles, and use your camera’s features to hone in on key elements. The whole pool doesn’t need to be in focus for it to be a standout picture!

Share your Photos with Narellan Pools

Narellan Pools loves that our clients send us their photos to post on our social media pages. We are focused on providing the ultimate lifestyles through our pools, so we love seeing how our pools have supported you to make new memories. Whether the whole family is enjoying themselves in the pool, you’ve planned an outdoor date night poolside, or a Sunday picnic by the pool is on the agenda, the Narellan Pools lifestyle gives you many opportunities to take fantastic photos!

If you’re sharing your pool photos to your Instagram, be sure to tag us at @narellanpools_canada so we can see how you’re loving your Narellan pool. You can share your pool lifestyle photos with us so we can post them on our social media pages, by sending them to us via our Facebook. This is an opportunity to get creative and show off your photography skills! Make sure that when you’re taking photos to share with us, everyone is being pool-safe in your pictures, and keep in mind that Narellan Pools is a brand for families, so we won’t share photos that could be seen as inappropriate!

Start taking photos of your pool (and your family and friends in it) today. You’ll be grateful your precious moments with loved ones have been preserved, as you can look back on those wonderful times years later!

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