Above Ground or Inground Swimming Pools – Which is Best?
May 18, 2023

When it comes to choosing the type of swimming pool you want for your property, you are likely to be presented with two options: above ground or in-ground pools. It can be a tough decision to make, and while in-ground pools are still the most common type of residential swimming pool seen today, above-ground versions are following closely behind and growing in popularity.

You may think the decision is easy, but even if you are already leaning towards one type over the other, it never hurts to be armed with information. Read on to find out some of the common differences between in-ground and above ground pools.


Above ground swimming pools are going to have the edge when it comes to installation time and cost. In-ground pools by their very nature require more construction work to excavate the area and build the support structure, whereas above ground pools can often be put together in days and with no major construction required.

Installation time is unlikely to be a big factor, though; whether it takes a couple of days or couple of weeks, the result is designed to last you for many years to come.


Above-ground pools are often available as a pre-made kit, ready for easy construction and installation. With above-ground pools, there can sometimes be limitations with customization, especially in terms of shape and size available. Fortunately, the Narellan Pools range of designs offers plenty of choice, regardless of if you opt for in-ground or above-ground. A huge variety of Narellan Pools’ designs can be built as free-standing above-ground pools.

This means that no matter what you choose from the Narellan Pools range, you’ll still benefit from plenty of choice, and you’ll be able to personalize your pool in a variety of ways.

Cost and Value

There is no doubt about it that in-ground swimming pools tend to cost more than above-ground versions. In-ground swimming pools simply require more work to prepare and install than above ground pools. The exact costs of each type of pool will vary by quite a margin depending on the size, style, and accessories you choose making it hard to give a price before a consultation.

Irrespective of if you choose an in-ground or above-ground pool, with a Narellan pool in your backyard, the aesthetic value of your property will be drastically enhanced. Not only will you have a beautiful place to relax, unwind or exercise in, you’ll also have a transformative backyard feature that takes your property to the next level.


Both in-ground and above ground pools are incredibly safe when the proper precautions are taken. Narellan Pools has taken safety into consideration when developing its incredible range of pools. For instance, the smooth-to-touch surface of our pools makes them a delight to swim in and prevents those annoying scrapes that can happen with rougher pool surfaces. The Step Ledge around the perimeter of our pools is another wonderful feature, making it easy for kids to enter and exit the pool from any side. 


In-ground and above ground pools require much of the same regular cleaning and maintenance, and throughout the pool’s life, you are unlikely to notice much difference between the two. 

Working with Narellan Pools

Narellan Pools has plenty of experience in designing the best quality above ground and in-ground swimming pools for our clients throughout Canada. We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality, value, and personalised service. Our pools are handcrafted with care at our very own manufacturing facility. Our range includes options suited to every client and property, so whatever your swimming pool needs are, Narellan Pools has you covered.

Get in touch with the team at Narellan Pools to find out how we can help you with you above ground or in-ground pool needs.

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