Compact Swimming Pools by Narellan Pools
May 19, 2023

Many homeowners want a pool but are concerned they don’t have enough room in their backyard for one. This is becoming more of a reality, as property sizes get smaller on mass to fit more homes into housing estates.

We’re also seeing home sizes increase, and that can mean land size is compromised. So, what can you do if you don’t have much backyard space, but really want a swimming pool? Are there pool solutions available for small yards?

Yes! Thanks to compact swimming pools, many homeowners with limited backyard space can still keep their dream alive. The perfect compact pool will not only fit the available space but provide a stylish and functional addition to the yard, as well.

If the limitations of your property mean you’ll need a small swimming pool to make your wish for a pool a reality, Narellan Pools’ range of compact swimming pools could be just what you’re looking for. Keep reading to find out more about our suite of compact designs!

Plunge Pools

Narellan Pools’ plunge pools are as impressive as they are functional. The Eden and Nirvana ranges offer different sizes, so you can find the perfect plunge pool to fit your property.

Well suited to backyards that can’t accommodate a full-sized swimming pool, plunge pools are compact in design, and made for dipping into and relaxing. Usually featuring a single level of depth, plunge pools are ideal for low-impact exercise. Though compact in shape and size, many plunge pools still provide you adequate swim space. Take Narellan Pools’ Eden 5.5, which is 5.2m long and 3.2m wide; in this pool, you still have room to stretch out!

The Narellan Pools range also caters to narrow backyards. The Nirvana range of pools are 2.7m wide, and with their in-built Splash Deck, you get the look and feel of an island resort! The Splash Deck is great for adults to lounge on, and wonderful for young children developing their water confidence. There’s also the Eden Slimline, which is just 2.1m wide and 5m long, coping to coping. With its stylish long bench seat, the Eden Slimline is an outstanding solution for narrow properties.

Smaller-sized Swimming Pools

Plunge pools aren’t the only option to combat small yards, either. There are modern swimming pool designs in the Narellan Pools range that have smaller sizes available, so the following designs might be just what you’re after.

The Symphony, with its stylish seating ledge across the length of the pool, is available in eight sizes, the smallest being the Symphony 5 (5m long, 3.1m wide). The Symphony 5 has a gradual depth of 1.2m to 1.45m. If you have young children developing their swim skills, this gradual depth might be very appealing. Its popularity is not surprising, as homeowners can select this pool shape even if their yard is small.

Alternatively, you might want to consider Narellan Pools’ Panama Lap Pool if space in your yard is lacking. At 5m long and 2.3m wide, the Panama 5 is particularly useful for narrow spaces like the side of a house. Lots of new-build properties have limited space at their rear, so using the side of the property could be a great way to make that pool dream come to life. The Panama 5 is a lap pool, so it features an unobstructed swim channel enabling continuous tumble turn swimming. If swimming is a must for you but you only have room for a small pool, the Panama 5 will give you the best of both worlds!

The Narellan Pools range offers plenty of choice for homeowners whose yards are short on space. If you’re wondering what your best bet is, it’s a good idea to reach out to your local Narellan Pools Builder for their advice. They can visit you for a free on-site consultation and explain the options available to you. You can quickly and easily organise your free quote by clicking here. Let’s get your dream of a backyard swimming pool brought to life!

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