Consider a Combination Install for your Backyard Paradise
May 19, 2023

When you think of a swimming pool, you probably think of a single swimming pool designed to accommodate a family. Fiberglass swimming pool designs were limited in the past, so families often had to make do with one of a small choice of shapes, and options for customizing said pool were even more limited.

These days there’s a world of choice when it comes to swimming pool design and customization. Homeowners after a quality fiberglass pool can be more certain than ever before that they will find their dream pool solution.

Homeowners don’t have to stick to a single swimming pool, either. They can have fiberglass combinations installed that will offer them ease of use, relaxation, and functionality. If you’re looking to transform your backyard with the Narellan Pools range, you’ll be pleased to know that it offers plenty of choice for you to create your ideal combination install and customize it to suit the way you live.

What is a combination pool and spa install?

A combination install is made up of a swimming pool together with a spa and/or a wading/lounging space.

Combination installs allow you to get more use out of the entire pool area, thanks to dedicated areas for exercise, relaxing, lounging, etc. A beautiful new swimming pool on its own is always a delightful backyard addition, but you might determine when planning the whole space that you could use a spa as well, to feel relaxed and rejuvenated with friends. Spas are a great way to create a combination install that will transform your backyard completely. Your local Narellan Pools Builder can seamlessly connect your Neptune Spa with your pool, so that you can easily move from pool to spa and vice versa.

Also in the Narellan Pools range is the Splash Deck, which is a shallow inground fiberglass pool that caters to young children. It complements any of Narellan Pools’ inground pools and provides a safe and fun space for the little ones in your family to splash around. So if your children are learning to swim, the Splash Deck could be a wonderful addition to your pool space. Of course, it doesn’t have to be solely for the kids! With room for up to eight adults, the Splash Deck could be where you and your friends lounge together on the weekend.

To see some outstanding combination installs, visit the Narellan Pools Gallery and filter by Pool & Spa Combination!

Customising your combination install

Once you’ve decided on the pool and spa you want, the choice continues doesn’t stop there. With many ways to customize your pool and spa/splash deck combination, you can adapt your new backyard additions to what works best for you and your family.

One of the best parts of the Narellan Pools journey is choosing your pool colour. The Marbleglass range consists of several vibrant colours, so you’ll be able to choose the right colour for your combination install – and one that makes you happy every time you see it!

Have you thought about lighting? Introducing some pool lights to your combination pool and spa space would add a new level of style and functionality. Not only will they help you and your family to keep swimming once it gets dark, but pool lights will also ensure your combination install is the focus of your backyard. Whether you install them just in your pool, or all around the space, you’ll be delighted with the result.

A water feature is guaranteed to be an appealing addition to your combination install. Ask your local Narellan Pools Builder about the options available. They can range anywhere from rainfall curtains, to deck jets and sunpods, and they all offer something a little different. What they all have in common is that they make your pool space look even more like an artwork!

If you want a pool and spa combination for your smaller-sized yard, a plunge pool coupled with a spa could be the answer. To get even more use out of your plunge pool, you could get swim jets installed. These handy features allow you to swim against a strong current, cutting out the need for a bigger pool to exercise in!

Planning the perfect combination install for your backyard can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. You’ll feel informed and supported when you contact your local Narellan Pools Builder to get the process started. They can view your backyard and advise you on what will best suit the available space.

Your local Narellan Pools Builder will be there to support you throughout your journey to pool ownership. Count on them to help make your combination install dream come to life!

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