Fiberglass Pool Installation FAQs
May 19, 2023

When you’re considering investing in a swimming pool, you’ll no doubt have many questions on the journey to your new backyard addition. Creating your dream pool space is an exciting process, but if you’ve never owned a pool before, it might also seem a little daunting.

If that’s your situation, don’t stress. When it comes to the pool planning and building process, there are an array of FAQs first-time pool owners have, so we’ve got the answers for some of those common questions, right here in this blog!

I’d love a pool, but my backyard is on the smaller side. What are my options?

Many homeowners have yards with limited space, so you aren’t alone! If you have a small backyard, you’re no doubt wondering if your dream is even possible. Thankfully, there are swimming pool solutions designed just for compact yards! The Narellan Pools range gives you the choice of several compact swimming pools and plunge pools. The Symphony 5 is one of our smaller pools, at just under 5m long and under 3m wide in waterline dimensions, so this popular pool can fit in many small spaces. If you have a narrow yard, the Eden Slimline – which is smaller than 2m wide and a little over 4.6m long (waterline dimensions) – can give you ample room to swim and relax. A free on-site consultation with your local Narellan Pools Builder is a great way to discuss the small pools in our range and discover what will work for your yard and your dream.

Access to my property is tricky – can I still get a pool?

Narellan Pools Builders can get pools into place using a variety of methods! Cranes, boats and helicopters – our local pool builders have used them all! You could also require road closures depending on where your property is, and your local Narellan Pools Builder will be able to get that sorted for you if needed. You might need a couple of types of transportation to get your pool into its final place, but your local Narellan Pools Builder will outline what’s required for access in your quote. Just because you have a difficult-to-access property, doesn’t mean the pool you’ve dreamed of is out of the question!

•          How fast will my pool be installed?

Several factors can affect how quickly your pool gets installed, but fiberglass pools are generally quicker to install than concrete ones. With Narellan Pools, your amazing fiberglass swimming pool could be installed at your property in weeks. As the pool shell is pre-constructed in our factory, you save on install time because the whole pool isn’t being built from scratch at your property. Another element to consider is that every local Narellan Pools Builder has their own installation schedule, so when you get the ball rolling to organise your installation, speak with your local Narellan Pools Builder to confirm their availability.

•          I’m just looking for ideas right now – where can I find inspiration?

To find all sorts of inspiration for your pool and its surrounds, check out the Narellan Pools Gallery! Our online gallery lets you filter images of already-installed Narellan Pools swimming pools by shape, size, colour and feature, so you can easily narrow down your favourites. By seeing how other Narellan Pools clients transformed their yards with Narellan Pools, you may even discover you love certain features you hadn’t considered!

For any other questions about the pool planning and construction process, your local Narellan Pools Builder is the contact you can rely on.

They understand that for the majority of families, a swimming pool is a big investment, so they make a point of providing you all the information you need so you can confidently say ‘yes’ to the pool you’ve always wanted. You can get in contact with them by clicking here!

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