How to make your pool area a reflection of you
May 22, 2023

Just like all other areas of your property, your pool and outdoor entertaining space should highlight your personal taste and style. Planning your dream pool takes time and thought – and you can be thinking about those plans well before you choose your pool builder – so you’ll no doubt want the end result to reflect your vision.

Remember to mention any must-haves for your dream pool space to your pool builder. You can ask for their suggestions on pool design, colour and even nearby landscaping, in order to create the space that will be the perfect backyard solution for you and your family.

Aside from the pool itself, you can showcase your sense of style in how you decorate the pool area, as well.

You might have plans for some simple furniture and soft furnishings, or perhaps poolside plants and pool accessories are more your style. Either way, you have endless options when it comes to adding your own touch to your pool area. So, if you’re after ideas and inspiration, keep reading!

Outdoor Furniture

Placing furniture in and around your pool area is one of the simplest ways of showcasing your style. Whether you opt for a couple of deck chairs poolside, or cater for 12 people in your outdoor entertaining space with an outdoor dining table and chairs, the choice is yours as to what furniture will work best for you. Pick a theme for the furniture and the decorative additions you make to the pool space. Popular poolside themes include the Hampton’s look, the coastal style, or a classic French Provincial look. Select a theme that won’t clash with the exterior of your property and introduce key items that highlight that theme. Adirondack chairs, for instance, will suit a Hampton’s theme perfectly!

Soft Furnishings

Your pool and outdoor entertaining space can be further enhanced with outdoor rugs, throw rugs and cushions. Using your theme, prioritize comfort when selecting your soft furnishings, and make sure they’re weather-appropriate. Sequined cushions are a little bit of fun, but aren’t typically weather-resistant, so look for outdoor cushions in weather-resistant fabrics. Blend the colours from your theme into your furnishings; if you’re going for a Hampton’s look, you could have a straw rug and a pale blue table runner for your outdoor table, or you could style your deckchairs with some navy and white striped cushions.


Plants are a simple but beautiful way to bring your touch to the pool space and surrounding areas, as you have a wide variety of eye-catching plants and flowers to choose from. Potted plants are great for within the pool space, and you can easily move them should they need a little more sunlight, or you simply want to change the overall look. Lantana is a great pot plant option if you want to add a splash of colour. Around your pool area, you’ll want to avoid deciduous trees and bushes, as they’ll end up dropping leaves in your pool.

Pool Accessories

Your choice of pool accessories can make all the difference to your pool area. Pool lights are the quintessential pool accessory to reflect your style – you can have them installed in your pool, or you can add a string of festoon lights near to your pool area after it’s completed. Draping pool lights along raised garden beds near your pool will cast a beautiful glow over the water. You can also look at getting some fun pool floats. Did you know you can get inflatable poolside movie screens? Another poolside accessory that will definitely draw attention is a cabana. You could have one constructed alongside your pool.

Whatever you do to personalize your pool space, you’ll love the welcoming feel of a space that reflects you. By making your poolside space and backyard more functional and appealing for you, you’ll find yourself spending more time in those areas.

Even if you haven’t started the journey to your pool just yet, it’s never too early to make note of the ways you’ll add your personal touch to the space! To be inspired, check out our Gallery and see how Narellan Pools clients transformed their new backyard additions with other decorative elements.

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