Large or Small – What Size Pool Is Best
May 22, 2023

Large or Small – What Size Pool Is Best

When it comes to swimming pool sizes, don’t be fooled by the notion that bigger is better. While big pools have more room for swimming and playing, it’s much more important to consider how you’ll use your pool. You’ll also need to reflect on how the dimensions of your backyard will dictate what size will be best suited for the space.

Large pools come in many styles, from free-form to more modern square or rectangular designs. Smaller pools often are square or rectangular with some form of seating built-in. Each size allows for rich colour variations so that you can enjoy the deepest, darkest blue or something lighter and more tropical that sparkles on sunny days.

Smaller pools have their own up-sides, and their own downsides as well. Considering both options and weighing the pros and cons is ultimately the best way to decide what your ideal pool size and type will be.

Small Swimming Pools

The benefits

Smaller swimming pools take up less space, and that alone comes with a variety of benefits. A smaller swimming pool:

  • Comes with a smaller price tag
  • Takes up less space, leaving room for more backyard, including lawn space, surrounding foliage, decks, and walkways
  • Needs less chemicals for ongoing maintenance
  • Take less time in terms of care and upkeep
  • Requires less energy to heat
  • Creates a relaxing and tranquil space, perfect for lounging and quick plunges on hot days

The challenges

While smaller swimming pools have a lot of benefits, there are some downsides you should be aware of:

  • They only allow for a limited amount of people to be in the water at a given time
  • Most aren’t ideal for homeowners who want to swim laps for exercise
  • They aren’t ideal for entertaining large parties

Large Swimming Pools

The benefits

Larger swimming pools need more space, but they have a lot of benefits if you have a rather sizeable backyard. The upside to investing in a larger swimming pool include:

  • More space for playing and entertaining within the pool
  • More room for exercising and swimming, especially if you enjoy doing laps
  • The ability to have both a deep and shallow end to appeal to both kids and adults
  • More room for pool accessories, such as inflatable toys.

The challenges

  • The larger the pool, the bigger the upfront price tag and the installation costs
  • There’s generally more maintenance costs in terms of the amount of chemicals needed 
  • If you plan to heat your large pool, you’ll pay for that on your utility bill 
  • It will take more time to upkeep the pool and prep it for winter
  • There will be less overall space available outside of the pool, meaning space for your lawn, foliage, decks or patios will be limited 

Narellan Pools can help you choose what’s right for you

When you’re ready to make a decision on what size or type of pool will work best in your backyard, Narellan is here to help. Our professionals have years of experience working with homeowners to help them choose the pool that will best suit their needs. From running through all of Narellan Pools many options to walking you through the colour range and how each colour will accent your backyard oasis, we’re well versed in the product line and can help you narrow down your options.

Our services extend beyond just helping you choose your pool’s style and colour. We work with trusted local pool builders that will ensure your pool is properly installed and the surrounding area is properly landscaped to your specifications.

Still not sure what fiberglass swimming pool is best for your home? Speak to the experts at Narellan Pools today!

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