Planning for a Pool? Plan for Pool Heating!
May 22, 2023

There are few moments as exciting as planning the pool of your dreams. Undoubtedly, nostalgia comes into those plans, and as you jot down ideas. you’ll find yourself thinking of the times you swam in blissful cool water as a child. Often, it’s those happy memories that make us desperately want a swimming pool in our own backyard!

Whilst swimming in a pool on a hot day is very refreshing, you can also enjoy a swim when the weather is cooler. We’re not talking about swimming in freezing water, either! You can get the most out of your new pool on cold days by having heating installed. Then, you’ll be able to swim in lovely warm water instead.

Pool heating will certainly maximize your swimming season. With pool heating installed, you will be able to use your new backyard addition more, and you’ll be able to change the water temperature to suit the weather conditions of your location.

If you haven’t looked into pool heating as yet, it’s important to know that there are multiple types of heating available to you. In this blog, we’ll explore the three main pool heating options you’ll come across when planning your dream pool.

Solar Pool Heating

The initial set-up costs of solar pool heating are higher than other types of heating, but the benefits of solar heating make it perfect for many pool owners. Solar heaters work by using the sun’s energy to heat the pool water, so they are considerably more eco-friendly than alternative heating types. Being energy efficient, they will help you to save on energy bills over the long term, so those savings can help offset what you paid for installation. If your Canadian backyard gets a lot of sun, solar heating could be a great choice for you, but be aware that solar heating isn’t designed for fast pool heating.

Electric Heat Pumps

Electric heat pumps operate by circulating pool water through a heating tank before pumping it back into the pool. Electric heat pumps are generally designed to last a long time – often about 20 to 25 years. They are great for regular pool use and suit climates where less sunlight is available, but keep in mind that they won’t heat your pool water as quickly as other methods. They also need electricity to work.

Gas Pool Heating

Designed for fast water heating, gas pool heaters also suit many climates. Gas pool heating utilises propane or natural gas, so they aren’t very eco-friendly when compared to other types of heating, and some gas systems don’t have a long lifespan. Gas pool heating works well for people who don’t swim regularly but will require more instant pool heating.

With spring here and the weather finally heating up, you might not even be thinking of adding pool heating to your order. Consider though, the warm days won’t last forever, and you will still have the odd cold day during the warmer months, so a heated pool gives you more flexibility in terms of when you can swim. Pool heating will extend your swim season as well, so you can start swimming earlier and for longer!

You can count on your local Narellan Pools Builder to help you make your vision for a heated pool a reality. With their advice, you’ll find the perfect pool for your backyard, and the pool heating method that will work with your pool and location best.

Reach out to your local Narellan Pools Builder today to begin planning the pool of your dreams, and to discuss the heating options available to you.

You’ll be swimming in your beautiful, heated pool before you know it!

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