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May 22, 2023

When you’re considering whether to install a pool, you’ll find yourself looking into the pros and cons of the many options available to you. There are a wide selection of pools and pool builders in the market, so there’s a lot to think about!

So when it comes to picking a pool builder, how can you feel confident you’ve made the best decision? It’s a good idea to think about your complete vision, all the way from how you want the style of the pool to be, through to how it will align with your backyard space and the lifestyle of you and your family. The following checklist is a good starting point when trying to decide: Does your pool builder have a lot of local market experience? Are they able to offer an array of styling options, like a range of pool colours? Will your pool builder ensure you’re informed of the installation process? If relevant to you, do they have solutions  for smaller sites? By asking these questions of your potential pool builder, you’ll get a solid idea of the level of service you’ll likely receive.

To make your dream pool a reality, it’s important that you entrust your vision to a business that has the necessary qualifications, experience and support, so that you don’t become just a number in the system, or a victim of poor workmanship.

Pool Installation and Service – Handled by Professionals

With many decades of experience, Narellan Pools has always focused on delivering exceptional client experiences, and all areas of our organisation are committed to this focus. We are a client-centric operation known for developing technologically advanced fiberglass pools and for making our clients’ dream pools a reality. Our reputation for providing the best client experiences has supported our growth locally and overseas.

Our amazing licensed local pool builders are fully qualified and will install your fiberglass pool correctly and to building codes. As they’re locals, our pool builders are also familiar with the permit requirements of their areas, so they’ll be aware of what’s legally required for your site.

Our pool builders are very experienced and passionate about the brand’s ongoing care for its clients. Some of our pool builders have installed hundreds of pools, so you’re certain to be working with the most experienced professionals.

We Manufacture Our Pools and Install Them

Narellan Pools are proud to manufacture AND install our superior-quality fiberglass pools.

In early 2019, we opened a new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Kingston, Ontario, and this facility is where your pool is handcrafted with care by experts, with the best raw materials used. Our processes and systems in place at this facility meet international standards. As we manufacture our pools, we are sure of their quality, durability and resilience.

Narellan Pools are able to give you peace of mind, as we can pinpoint the origins of our pool components, we have set pool installation procedures that our pool builders follow to a tee, and we aim to deliver excellent service at all times. Rest assured, your fantastic experience with us is as important to us as it is to you.

When it comes to planning and installing a pool, the process shouldn’t be exhausting and complicated. Narellan Pools is dedicated to making sure the process is enjoyable and hassle-free for you, and we’re sure you’ll be impressed at how straight-forward the process is with your Narellan Pools local pool builder. We know you’ve been thinking about your dream pool for some time, so you don’t want to end up working with a pool builder that ignores your wishes or treats every project with a single, inflexible approach. We understand and acknowledge you have different wishes and needs to others, and we embrace this. We’ll support and guide you through the entire pool journey, from conception to completion.

Sometimes, it can be hard to know how to make your pool vision come to life. If you’re needing some guidance on the path you should take to make your backyard complete with a pool, there’s no need to worry, as we can help. Our local pool builders are happy to give advice if you need it, and they can let you know what the right course of action will be to get your dream pool installed. We love to show our clients how they can make the most of their space, and we are always thrilled to see them realise their pool dream. Even if your backyard is a smaller site, we can help you determine a solution that truly utilises the space in the best way possible. We understand that some backyards are smaller than others, so our range includes pool shells such as our Eden and Nirvana designs, that can make backyards with limited space transform into veritable oases! We even offer amazing Free-Standing pools in our range, which provide a great solution if you have a sloping backyard. Our pool shells are also available in various sizes, as we understand that everyone’s vision is different – some clients want a pool that complements other features in their backyard, and other clients are looking to install a pool that will take over most of their backyard (in the best way, of course)!

As we look after the manufacturing of our pools, Narellan Pools knows the years of research, development and innovation that have gone into the development of the many wonderful features we have available, including our high-quality finishes and colour range. For instance, our focus on innovation saw us launch our Marbleglass colour range, which incorporates the latest Gelcoat technology, delivering improved chemical resistance for your pool finish. Marbleglass is the most powerful pool finish we’ve created to date, and its colour selection is truly impressive. Our commitment to innovation has also contributed to our incredible safety features, which include our child-safety ledge, making it simple for children to safely enter and exit the pool from any side. These product development considerations mean our pools are not only visually appealing, they’re also easy-to-clean and great for families.

When it comes to installing your fiberglass pool, our local pool builders keep to a set of Narellan Pools procedures which have been developed to ensure the safe and appropriate installation of your pool. Your Narellan Pools local pool builder will work closely with the team that delivers your pool shell and will ensure the excavated site is ready for the pool installation. They’ll make sure the pool is positioned correctly in the ground, and from there, every key aspect of the installation will be inspected by your Narellan pool builder to ensure that each step is done exactly as it should be. With Narellan Pools, you’ll know that your pool will be installed to specifications, and will comply with engineering requirements.

Investing in a pool is a big decision, and with your Narellan pool builder supporting you, you’ll feel confident that your dream pool will be installed properly. When your pool is in place in the ground, all of the plumbing and filtration equipment for it will be installed and tested at that time.

The last, but perhaps most exciting part of the journey, is our ‘handover’ of your fiberglass pool. This step will ensure that you’re ready to make the most of your beautiful new pool. You’ll be given a Pool Owner’s Manual that includes the various steps to take to keep your pool in its best health and best condition.

A Multinational Fiberglass Pool Brand with Leading Systems

Narellan Pools prides itself on its systems for quality assurance, because with these in place, we know the best possible pools get installed in the best possible way.

Every one of our pools features an embedded microchip, which logs key pool data. Test results with a specific sample are recorded and retained for each pool. Each one of our pools also gets a Pool Manufacturing Certificate that is kept securely in our facilities and logs all the important details of the pool from its conception through to it being completed. The certificate will note such details as the technicians that worked on the pool, room temperatures as the pool was being constructed, and the weight of the pool, among others.

We’re convinced open and transparent communication and collaboration with our pool builders is essential to making sure that our processes are the most efficient they can be. We deliver specialised Narellan Pools training for our pool builders, and this training program is reviewed on an ongoing basis, so our pool builders are always equipped with the latest research and developments. A lot of time and care has gone into developing our training program, because we acknowledge that a supportive, detailed and adaptive training program keeps everyone on the same page. Of course, this focus on training across our network then feeds through to our clients, who reap the rewards.

These methods are a good insight into how Narellan Pools oversees its operations, and the reason they’re in place is to make sure that your pool is manufactured and installed to the highest quality standards. We want you to feel free to enjoy your new backyard addition!

The Importance of Client Care

Your Narellan Pools local pool builder will understand and respect your pool vision and their focus is installing the pool of your dreams. Our pool builders work with you to create a tailored solution that suits your space, and gels with your personal style and your plans for the pool’s use, i.e. for swimming laps, or swimming lessons for the kids.

With Narellan Pools, you’ll be guided through the pool journey, from the start – and throughout such exciting choices as the colour of your pool – to installation and beyond.

It’s massively important to us that we operate with integrity, so rest assured you’ll know where you stand throughout the process. We can also assure you that you’ll never face any hidden costs.

Another indicator of the level of service a pool company provides is post-installation care. With Narellan Pools, upon the installation of your pool, you’ll find the quality of our offering doesn’t end there. Narellan Pools will be in contact to make sure you are completely satisfied.

As Narellan Pools is the builder AND installer of its brilliant fiberglass pools, we take pride in our product and service, and we want our clients to feel valued even after their pool is installed. Our Client Care team is always reachable, so if you need us as your pool is being installed or afterwards, we’ll be there to help.

With Narellan Pools, you’re guaranteed to be our focus. We’ll be straight-forward and easy to speak to at all times.

With our chain of stringent quality control procedures, we know that our fiberglass swimming pools are built to world-class standards, and our detailed and effective training and support systems round out our service to make sure we install your pool in the most seamless way.

The passion in the Narellan Pools business extends from the top down, and our whole team and network that operate around the world are hugely proud of the pool dreams we’ve made come true for so many clients. We’re privileged to help transform backyards and see the joy on the faces of our clients when their pool is installed.

We exist to bring you the perfect fiberglass pool, and we know it will be a fantastic place for you to spend time with family and friends.

Entrust your dream pool to professionals, and reach out to the team at Narellan Pools to find out how we can help.

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