Small Swimming Pools — An Option for Any Backyard
May 22, 2023

Swimming pools are becoming ever more popular among Canadian homeowners, and for good reason. A swimming pool is a valuable addition to any home, large or small, offering a unique space in the backyard to relax, entertain, exercise, and host friends and family.

While some people do want a larger swimming pool that will become the central focus of their backyard, most people would still like to retain some yard space for other activities. Others simply don’t have the space available to accommodate a large-sized swimming pool with the ever-decreasing yard space in pursuit of larger home sizes. That is why small swimming pools are the perfect option for any backyard, whatever the size. In this article, we’ll highlight some of the small swimming pool options available, and some of the benefits of adding a small pool to your home.

The first thing to consider when deciding if a small swimming pool is right for your backyard is what exactly is a small swimming pool? Small swimming pools are generally regarded as any pool that has a total area no bigger than 32m2, or 8 meters by 4 meters.

Small pools are usually found in square, rectangular, or free-form designs. In addition to standard pool designs, a few unique pool shells designs are perfectly suited to small swimming pools. Plunge pools (deep pools with a ledge for relaxing) and lap pools (long, thin, pools for swimming laps), are some of the more popular small pool designs.

The Advantages of a Small Swimming Pool

Cheaper and Easier

With their smaller size, small pools naturally cost less to purchase, install, and maintain than larger versions. Swimming pools can cost a lot to run and maintain so reducing those costs with a small swimming pool can be an excellent way to save extra money and time that can be better utilised elsewhere.

Fun for the Whole Family

A small swimming pool is great fun for the whole family, regardless of age. From relaxing and unwinding in cool autumn evenings or having fun playing with the kids on hot summer afternoons, a small swimming pool is something that can be enjoyed by everyone.

A Great Way to Stay Fit and Healthy

We all know the importance of trying to stay fit and healthy, but it can often be a challenge to find time to go to the gym with a busy and hectic lifestyle. Water-based exercise is a great way to stay healthy, and it doesn’t get much easier than when you have a swimming pool right in your own backyard. Whether you like to swim intensive laps in a lap pool or perform gentle aqua-aerobics in a plunge pool, a small swimming pool is an investment in you and your family’s health.

More Space for Other Additions

One of the great advantages of a small swimming pool whatever the size of your backyard is that it frees up more space for making other backyard changes and additions. A large swimming pool can be nice, but if you don’t need the extra space in the pool, a small swimming pool combined with an outdoor bar and kitchen can be the perfect outdoor space for relaxing with and hosting friends and family.

Small Swimming Pools with Narellan Pools

Narellan Pools is a premier fiberglass swimming pool manufacturer and installer in Canada. Manufactured at our in-house facility, all of our fiberglass pool shells, both big and small, are made to the highest level of quality and our inground pools are backed by our Lifetime Structural Warranty.

The Narellan Pools small pool range has been carefully selected by our design team to offer the best choice of pool options, whatever the size, shape, or intended purpose might be. Each one of our pools can be customised with different shell colour options. Whatever your style and taste, Narellan Pools is guaranteed to have a small swimming pool design to match.

Get in touch with the team at Narellan Pools now to find out how we can find the right small swimming pool solution for your backyard.

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