Summer Swim Safety — What You Need To Know
May 22, 2023

Spending time in the pool is great when the weather is nice. Cooling off on a hot day, getting some exercise, or just having fun with friends and family; pools can bring a lot of joy and value. 

But it’s important to always be aware, alert and safe around a pool. Knowing how to best keep your family and friends safe when spending time by the pool is crucial. 

Securing the Area

One of the most fundamental steps to creating a safe pool environment is to properly secure the area to prevent unsafe access. Start with a strong and durable fence surrounding the area to prevent small children and animals accessing the water unattended. This should ideally be 1.2 meters (4 feet) high and without gaps larger than 10cm (4 inches). Also ensure that any gate or access point can be securely closed, preferably with a self-closing latch. Check the local regulations in your area as they may have more specific requirements.

You should also check for and remove any objects that present an opportunity to climb over the fence and into the pool area and water unsupervised. The recommendation here is to keep a clear space of 1 meter (3 feet 4 inches) between the fence and any large, climbable objects.

Stay Aware

Supervising children in the pool may seem obvious, but its importance can’t be overstated. Providing active supervision is one of the best ways to prevent dangerous situations from developing. Children under five should be accompanied in the water at all times, but even as they grow older you should remain attentive, keeping a close eye and staying within reach.

 Staying aware doesn’t only apply to children, though. Adults can just as easily get into trouble in the water so it’s important to always be aware of the risks and stay alert, especially during gatherings and parties.

Teaching Water Safety

The younger children learn to swim and be safe around the pool, the lower the chance of accidents occurring. Pool safety and swimming lessons aren’t just for children, its just as important for adults to know how to swim. Ensuring that everybody that has access to the pool is properly trained in the risks and dangers associated with swimming and water activities.

Food and Drink

Eating and drinking play an important role in pool and swimming safety. Staying well hydrated is obviously important in the summer heat when pool usage is at its highest, but it can be easy to forget when having fun and staying cool in the pool. Of course, alcoholic beverages should be avoided, or at least kept to an absolute minimum.

 The right food is also important. Light and easy to eat dishes are best, as you want to keep energy levels up but don’t want to ruin the fun by feeling bloated.

 Be Prepared

Whatever precautions you take accidents can still occur, and you should be prepared just in case. At a minimum, you should take a class in first-aid and CPR. If possible, however, it can also be a good idea to seek out lifeguard training classes which will teach you the skills to safely rescue somebody who is struggling in the water.

Sun Safety 

 Pool usage is highest when it’s hot and that means lots of sun. Sunburn and heat-stroke are very real risks but can be easily prevented by regularly applying sunscreen and taking breaks in the shade to cool off and rehydrate.

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