Swimming Pool Games to Keep You Active This Summer
May 22, 2023

Time spent in the pool can be highly rewarding for all ages. It’s fun, relaxing, and a great way to get some healthy exercise without it feeling like hard-work—the ideal way to keep the kids occupied throughout the summer. So, what are some of the best pool games you can use to engage and entertain?

Invisible Bottle 

This is a really easy, cheap, and fun way to keep children engaged and entertained with little notice. All that is required to play is a clear plastic bottle, but it can provide hours of endless fun of swimming, diving, and searching. 

Number of Players: 1+ Confident Swimmers

How To Play: Fill the plastic bottle with pool water, while having the kids stand looking away from the pool. Toss the bottle into the pool, and when the kids hear the splash the race is on to be the first to find it. 

Traffic Light Game 

This game is both great fun and teaches children some vital swimming skills. In fact, it’s a popular game amongst swimming teachers and coaches for introducing younger children to the basics of swimming. 

Number of Players: 1+ 

How to Play: This game is similar in concept to “Simon Says”. The children will get in the water and line up along the edge of the pool. Somebody then calls out “green light” and the children start kicking their legs in a swimming motion (you can mix things up with specific strokes); “Yellow light” is for slowing down, and “Red Light” is to stop. The last person to start, slow-down, or stop, is out for that round. 

Marco Polo

Possibly one of the most well-known and classic pool games in existence, Marco Polo still remains great fun today. It’s also a wonderful game for getting young children used to moving, swimming, and playing comfortably and safely in the water in an easy and engaging way. 

Number of Players: 2 + 

How To Play: One person who is designated as being Marco, closes their eyes (and keeps them closed for the game) and shouts “Marco” while trying to seek out the other players who are moving around shouting “Polo” in response. If the player shouting “Marco” catches a “Polo” player, that player is either out or can now switch roles to being “Marco” depending on how you wish to play. 


This is less of a game than a pool activity but is incredibly fun none-the-less. It does require quite a few players, however, but the adults can join in easily as well so it’s good fun all round. 

Number of Players: As many as your pool can fit around the edge. 

How to Play: Have players lined up around the edge of the pool in the water, single file—ideally have enough players to fit right around the pool. Start instructing everybody to walk, jog, then run around in the same direction. A whirlpool effect will be created by the water being spun around. Now call reverse and have everybody try and move in the opposite direction—it will be much harder than you’d think. 

Cardboard Boat Race 

This one requires a little bit of planning to get the materials required, but it’s worth it and can provide a whole day of entertainment at very little cost. 

Number of Players: 2+, but can be a fun solo activity as well. 

How to Play: You’ll need some cardboard and crafting supplies (tape, stickers, water-based markers, scissors, etc). Separate the players into teams and divide up the supplies. The objective is to build the best cardboard boat they possible can in a given time before everybody gets together to race their creations.

Freeze Tag 

Tag is an age-old classic game for kids, and this fun adaptation for the pool is the perfect summer activity. 

Number of Players: 3+ 

How to Play: Played just like regular tag, except the players caught “freeze” by standing still with their legs spread apart. Other uncaught players can free them by swimming between their legs. Players cannot be tagged while underwater. Naturally, this is a game that requires a pool depth that players can safely stand in.

How Narellan Pools Can Help 

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