The Benefits of a Compact Swimming Pool
May 22, 2023

Backyard space is forever shrinking; people are now looking for greater property sizes and more square footage, which naturally means less outdoor space surrounding the property. Most properties still have plenty of space in the backyard to sit and relax in the sun, but if you’re looking to reach further—like having a swimming pool installed—then space might start to get tight. 

A swimming pool is a large fixture. It will quickly become a dominating presence in any backyard, but when dealing with the reduced space of modern properties the issue is amplified even more. Compact swimming pools are a perfect way to gain all the benefits of owning a swimming pool, but without the significant space demands. They come with a few great budgetary and environmental benefits too.

Why Choose a Compact Swimming Pool? 

A compact swimming pool may be the only option available to you due to sizing constraints of your property. But even if you have plenty of space and other options available, a compact design is still an excellent choice. Compact swimming pools have several benefits to their owners and offer many of the same advantages as their full-sized counterparts. 

Environmental Savings 

As the world moves towards becoming more environmentally friendly, to reduce our collective impact, everybody is trying to do their part. A swimming pool can have a significant impact on your carbon footprint, though. Between the large amounts of water required to fill and top it up, to the chemicals and electricity required to clean, heat, and light it, anything that can be done to minimize these factors is a bonus. A compact swimming pool will reduce the environmental impact required to own and maintain it due to its smaller size requiring fewer resources (water, chemicals, electricity) to keep it clean, fresh, and functional. 

Reduced Costs 

The smaller size of a compact swimming pool means that everything is scaled down, not just the space available to swim. A swimming pool can be a costly investment over the years with regular maintenance required to keep it in top condition and other costs associated with keeping it warm and light so it’s ready to be used whenever you want.

The small size and lower volume of water in a compact swimming pool mean these costs are reduced across the board. Maintenance is easier and cheaper, and fewer chemicals and less electricity are used. 

Increased Usability 

The reduced costs of operating a compact swimming pool mean it’s much more viable to use it year-round. Heating costs in the winter will naturally be more, often discouraging pool owners from taking advantage of their investment, but with less water to heat, compact pools are cheaper to run whatever the weather. 

Their smaller size also offers additional space to those with a backyard big enough for a regular-sized pool. The freed-up space can offer you the best of both worlds, giving you a personal oasis swimming pool, and still leaving room for other backyard activities. 

How Can Narellan Pools Help? 

Narellan Pools wants everybody to be able to enjoy the luxury and pleasure of swimming pool ownership, regardless of the size of their backyard. In pursuit of this goal, we‘ve designed a range of compact swimming pools that have all the attention to detail, quality, and craftsmanship that made Narellan Pools famous. A Narellan Pools swimming pool is a purchase that you and your family will be able to enjoy for years to come. 

Not convinced a compact pool is for you? The Narellan Pools team can help you find the best fiberglass swimming pool for your needs. Contact us today!

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