Types of Fiberglass Swimming Pools
May 22, 2023

There is nothing quite like relaxing by the pool on a hot summer day. Homeowners throughout Canada are discovering the wonderful benefits of swimming pool ownership. Swimming pools are an amazingly versatile addition to your home, offering a space to relax, exercise, or even entertain and host parties. 

When it comes to finding the right swimming pool for your property, though, you can find yourself overwhelmed with choice. Fiberglass swimming pools are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. Whatever you want to use a swimming pool for, and whatever the size of your backyard, there is guaranteed to be an option to fulfil your needs. In this article, we’ll cover some of the different types of pools available to help you select the best model for your needs when the time comes. 

Compact Pools 

Not every backyard has the space available to accommodate a large-sized swimming pool, but that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from a swimming pool of your own. Compact swimming pools, like the Nirvana by Narellan Pools, is a great option for those who have limited space available or are looking to add a swimming pool without it becoming the central feature of a larger backyard. 

A smaller size doesn’t mean sacrificing on quality, though; compact fiberglass swimming pools offer all the same features and benefits as their larger counterparts, just in a size designed to fit a smaller space. 

Lap Pools 

Installing a lap pool can be a great avenue to keep fit and get in your daily exercise in an easy and relaxing way. Swimming is an especially good sports activity for those with movement or joint problems. If you want the focus of your compact swimming pool to be on exercising then a lap pool, such as the Panama, is the perfect choice for you. 

Lap pools are a type of compact swimming pool specially designed and tailored to be suited for exercise. Characterised by a long and narrow design, these types of pools are perfect for swimming laps, while also maintaining a small physical footprint. These type of pools are also handy for properties on narrow land.

Plunge Pools

Sometimes you want to just have a place to relax and chill-out on a hot summer day or balmy autumn night. Plunge pools are the answer. A plunge pool is a small, compact swimming pool perfectly suited to sitting and relaxing. Their size and dimensions aren’t well suited to swimming – instead they’re designed for ‘plunging’ in, relaxing and aquatic exercises. They often come shaped with underwater seating ledges to better accommodate relaxation. 

Family Pools 

If space isn’t an issue and you want a multi-purpose swimming pool that is great for the whole family, then a large-sized, family swimming pool is the best choice. Large family-sized pools are a great multi-purpose solution. They are big enough to accommodate the entire family and their traditional shape is perfect for exercise, relaxing, and fun alike. 

How Narellan Pools Can Help You Choose The Right Sized Pool For You 

Narellan Pools have a long history of designing, constructing and installing high-quality fiberglass swimming pools of all shapes and sizes for clients throughout Canada. Our local pool builders have many years of combined experience helping our clients find and install the right swimming pool for them and their property. The Narellan range includes a wide variety of designs to accommodate backyards of all sizes, and our team is ready to help find the perfect model for you.

Contact the team at Narellan Pools to find out how we can help you find your perfect swimming pool now.

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