Waking your pool up for the season
May 22, 2023

If you’re a new pool owner, you have probably heard all about how to winterize your pool, and you may have even winterized it in preparation for the most recent chilly season.

With spring on the horizon though (and warmer weather imminent), you may be thinking – ‘How do I get my pool ready to use again?’

It’s an important question, and the reality is that there are several answers. Opening your pool for the season involves a number of key steps, but they don’t have to be arduous or time-intensive. By following the simple steps below, you’ll ensure your pool is clean and healthy to swim in as soon as you’re ready (and the weather permits)!

Just make sure that you don’t attempt to open your pool before freezing temperatures have passed, as you could inadvertently affect your pool equipment.

Remove your pool cover

An obvious first step, removing your pool cover is a must. You’ll need to ensure your pool cover is rolled up and put away securely. An effective pool cover will have done its job over winter, preventing debris from entering the water, and making it easy to open the pool early in the season. Make sure you remove winter plugs and ensure the regular connectors are back in place, so you can connect everything in preparation for the pool being used.

Quick clean-up of the pool

Sometimes even the best pool covers can’t prevent debris like leaves and dirt from getting into the pool. Ensure you skim your pool to remove any debris that’s found its way into the pool, and give the pool a quick clean before you move onto balancing the water. There’s no point trying to balance pool water if the pool is still dirty!

Balance the pool chemicals

The next (and perhaps most critical) step is to balance your pool water. The pool’s chemical balance can easily change over winter, so it’s importance to test the pH, Total Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness and Chlorine. After balancing your pool water, you can use pool shock to kill bacteria and enhance the water clarity. From here on in, test your water weekly throughout the warmer seasons.

Time to settle

Let your chemicals get to work in the pool and give it some time before you have your first swim for the season. Waiting around 24 hours or even a little longer will give adequate settling time for your newly added chemicals and will ensure your pool is looking its best by the time you swim.

By keeping to the steps above, you’ll prepare your pool for the season, and get it in sparkling condition in no time. A high-quality Narellan pool is designed for easy maintenance, so no matter what time of year it is, caring for your pool will be a breeze! Of course, if you have any queries about the ongoing maintenance of your pool, it’s always a good idea to reach out to your pool shop.

Once your swim season has well and truly started, make sure to get your camera out and capture those precious moments with family and friends.

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