Best Pool Toys This Summer
May 19, 2023

A swimming pool is a great way to chill out and relax in the summer heat, but it doesn’t all have to be sunbathing and swimming. With the help of a few accessories and toys, there are lots of activities you can do in the pool to keep both the adults and kids entertained.

Pool Noodles

What would a list of the best pool toys be without listing the pool noodle? Synonymous with play-time in the pool, the pool noodle is a great addition to any pool toy collection due to its versatility; tie them together to make floating targets; use them for water sword fights; as a floatation aid when relaxing, and at the end of the summer you can use them for a variety of craft projects found online.


Pool inflatables come in many shapes, sizes, and themes great for keeping the kids entertained, and possibly the adults too! Inflatables come in a wide variety of styles from small theme models ideal for splashing around with, to large dinghy’s that you can paddle around, assuming your pool is large enough of course.

Lounging Floats

Ok, so this one technically isn’t a toy, but it doesn’t mean it can’t be a great addition to your summer pool accessories collection — and they are likely for sale near the pool toys! Sitting beside the pool relaxing and sunbathing is great, but nothing quite beats the feeling of floating around on the water while doing so. Don’t forget to pick up some floating drink holders to help you stay hydrated while you relax.

Diving Toys

Diving for treasure is an easy and fun activity in any swimming pool, but you need some ‘treasure’ to set your sights on. Diving toys can be a fun activity for the whole family. If you have a competitive streak you can even run a competition for who can collect them all the fastest. You don’t even need to spend any money, any object that can survive the water and won’t damage the pool can be used. Drop it to the bottom and go hunting! Of course, you’ll also want a good set of goggles or better yet a snorkelling mask to help you search.

Pool Sports

The pool can offer a fun and exciting twist on your favourite sports. It also has the added benefit of helping to keep you cool while you play in the summer heat. There are a variety of sports toys and equipment designed to be used in the pool, but some of the most popular ones particularly well suited to the water are volleyball, using a real or inflatable floating net, water polo, and basketball, with a pool-side hoop.


Most kids love to dress up whether it be as their favourite characters or something from their imagination. It might not seem obvious, but dressing up costumes are available for the swimming pool as well. Mermaids tails flippers are especially popular and you’d be surprised how fast they make you swim!

How Can Narellan Pools Help?

Of course, picking out your favourite pool toys and accessories is only worthwhile if you have a pool to use them in! That’s where Narellan Pools can help. Our high-quality fiberglass swimming pools are the perfect way to relax and play in the water. Each pool is designed, built, and installed by our expert craftsmen, working with you at every step of the process to guarantee you get the perfect swimming to enjoy your new toys in.

Narellan Pools can help give you the swimming pool of your dreams. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you and be on your way to enjoying playing with your very own pool toys!

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