Choosing a Pool Builder – What You Need To Consider
May 19, 2023

When deciding to purchase a swimming pool for your backyard, selecting which company to use is often the most complicated part of the whole process. The right company will provide you with the swimming pool of your dreams that will continue making you happy for years to come. The wrong company will provide nothing but heartache and pain.

Unlike most other purchases, a new swimming pool cannot be easily exchanged if you’re not completely happy with it. That’s just one of the many reasons why it’s so important to take your time when shopping around, while carefully weighing up all of your options before you make the final decision.

So how can you find the most suitable pool builder for you? Here are our top 6 suggestions for selecting the most reliable swimming pool builder to turn your dream into a reality.

Are They A Reputable Company?

Once you’ve decided to buy your dream pool, gone over your options, and worked out your budget, you can now begin your search for a reputable pool contractor. Reputable pool companies will usually have a website, a phone number, and a physical address. Start by looking at online reviews, testimonials, and project galleries on websites and social media for each prospective pool contractor.

The best pool builders will most likely have been in this business for many years and built hundreds or maybe even thousands of swimming pools. The more experience that they have, the higher their standards of professionalism will likely be. Pool builders should also be licensed, registered, and have the necessary insurance, which you can always ask to view. 

Do They Have Good References?

Even if the pool builder you like ticks all the boxes above, overwhelmingly negative customer feedback and reviews are a big red flag, so it’s a good idea to check reviews early on in your search. Ideally, the best scenario would be using a company that is highly recommended by people you know and trust, as they’d only suggest that business if they were happy with them.

Any reputable pool builder would happily provide references from customers who’ve contracted them to get similar work done and may even be able to arrange to visit them onsite. This allows you to speak to the company’s previous customers directly, see the quality of their completed work, and check out all of the little details like tile finishes.

Make sure you aren’t relying on customer testimonials that are only supplied by the pool company; ensure you search elsewhere online. Just keep in mind that people are much more likely to spend time writing a review if they’ve had a bad experience than if they had a good one.

Do They Have Comprehensive Insurance?

Any pool builder worth their salt should be fully insured against any damages to your property or contractor injury during work. To avoid future legal battles in the worst-case scenario where something does go wrong, make sure they are completely covered before signing anything. Any issues regarding insurance will be a clear red flag, so ensure that you are not taking on any unknown liabilities by obtaining copies of their insurance. The worst may never happen, but you want to be protected if it does.

Do They Come Onsite Before Quoting?

A general price online or an over-the-phone quote is not going to be accurate, as everyone’s property and plan differs. Reputable pool builders will only ever quote a price after the site has been surveyed and all the details of works have been confirmed. If the builder hasn’t come onsite at all and the swimming pool installation price seems too good to be true, then, unfortunately, that’s most likely what it is.

Do They Specialise In The Type Of Pool You Want?

It’s important you check before hiring your pool builder, that they are experienced in the type of swimming pool you’re after.. Not all pools are made equal. The installation process involved with installing an inground pool made out of concrete, for example, will be vastly different from the process for a pool made out of fiberglass.

Do They Offer A Warranty On Their Products?

Warranties can vary between different types of swimming pools, so you need the terms of your warranty clarified in writing by your swimming pool installer. Look for a manufacturer’s warranty for the physical swimming pool. If your swimming pool installers are honest and professional, they certainly shouldn’t have a problem offering a warranty of some sort.

Swimming Pool Installation – The Bottom Line

Remember, you’re going to be working closely with the company you chose throughout the entire swimming pool installation process, so it is important you have more than just a good feeling about them. You should also be completely comfortable with your pool builder and have built up some kind of rapport together.

Once you have found the most suitable swimming pool builder for your requirements, make sure everything is straightforward and clear by keeping the lines of communication open. Discuss all aspects of your contract, making sure to read and review all of the fine print, and ask any final questions you may have to ensure that you understand everything before signing any contracts.

By following our advice, you’ll soon be embarking on your exciting swimming pool installation project. If you want a builder who can install the most luxurious backyard swimming pool you can imagine, contact Narellan Pools today and learn about the services we offer.

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