Design Options to Make Your Plunge Pool Stand Out
May 19, 2023

fiberglass plunge pool can instantly enhance the atmosphere and functionality of your outdoor space. 

When designing how a plunge pool will fit into your backyard and lifestyle, it’s essential to carefully consider the size, location, and how you plan to use your plunge pool. For example, do you want a place to do low-impact exercise? Or a pool with large benches for children gaining their water confidence and adults to sit back and relax?

The perfect plunge pool should complement your overall garden and home design and provide endless hours of relaxation and enjoyment.

Once you’ve chosen the ideal shape, size and location to install your plunge pool, it’s time to get creative! Have some fun with your design with these four tips to ensure your new pool becomes a central feature of your home and lifestyle.

Make A Design Statement With Colour

Traditionally fiberglass swimming pools were either white or sky blue. Whilst functional, fiberglass pools of the past lacked style and personalisation. Today, there is a vast choice available in the Narellan Pools Marbleglass™ plunge pool colour range so you can blend your pool seamlessly into your backyard space. The Narellan Pools Marbleglass™ colour range includes bright and vibrant blues and greens, natural and tranquil stone effects and a range of monochromatic colours for a striking contrast effect. Marbleglass™ is a proprietary gel coating that ensures the colour of your fiberglass plunge pool keeps its vibrancy throughout its life. With a 10-year surface warranty, world-leading technology, more flexibility, and better chemical resistance, Marbleglass™ is class-leading pool shell technology.

The pool shell is just one part of the colour equation. It would be best also to consider the colour palette of the area surrounding your pool, such as the decking, seating, and even what plants and foliage you will use to create a striking visual balance.

Contrast with Decking

Decking is the area directly around your swimming pool, where you place your pool furniture and spend time relaxing.

Decking can make or break the visual design and style of your pool and backyard. Wooden or stone effect decking can be a great way to create a natural look, whereas tiled decking may be better suited to a stylish and refined modern aesthetic. Think carefully about the colour of your decking. Do you want the area surrounding your pool to contrast or compliment it? Also, think about how your colour choice will visually blend with the rest of your backyard.

Add Greenery with Landscaping

Landscaping the area around your swimming pool can transform the space and make it stand out. The options are endless when it comes to landscaping and entirely dependent on the overall look you want to create for your backyard. Don’t just think about the plants and foliage that are directly around your swimming pool and on the pathways leading to it. Also, consider how those plants will tie into the overall design of your home and your backyard. Be mindful of trees and shrubbery that may become overgrown and end up overhanging the pool as they can lead to extra cleaning and maintenance.

Stand Out with Accessories

A good swimming pool space isn’t complete with some accessories to finish it off. Depending on the effect and lifestyle benefits you are trying to create, consider other enhancements to the pool and surrounding area.

Inside your plunge pool, spa jets will instantly transform your swimming pool into a personal at-home spa and swim jets will provide endless hours of resistance training. Heating is an excellent option if you plan to use your plunge pool for low impact exercise. Add other water features, such as fountains and waterfalls, for a relaxing experience.

Around the decking, outdoor lighting, a cantilever shade umbrella and sun lounges will add value and atmosphere to your plunge pool, enabling you to enjoy it whatever the time of day or weather.

Designing Your Plunge Pool with Narellan Pools

Narellan Pools are the experts at designing high-quality and stylish plunge pools in Canada. Our team of skilled pool builders have decades of experience in designing the perfect pool solution for our customers, with keen attention to detail and a talent for finding the ideal balance between quality, function, and style. All Narellan Pools fiberglass swimming pools are designed and manufactured in-house, and we only partner with the most trusted third parties for our pool accessories.

When you opt to work with Narellan Pools to design your plunge pool, you can ensure that you are getting the best pool installation and design service Canada offers. Our designers will work with you at each step of the process to tailor your plunge pool design to meet your exact requirements and personal style. Once you are happy with the design and styling of your plunge pool and the surrounding space, our pool building and landscaping team will head to your home to start their work.

Get in touch with the team at Narellan Pools today to find out how we can help you take the first steps in designing your perfect plunge pool.

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