Plunge Pool Sanitization — What Are Your Options?
May 22, 2023

Nobody wants to relax or exercise in a dirty and unclean plunge pool. When a swimming pool is dirty, it is completely unsafe to swim in. To stop your plunge pool from getting to the point where it’s unusable, it’s important to use cleaning products designed specifically for your swimming pool. There are several products available for plunge pool sanitization. Chemically balanced and sanitized water ensures your pool not only stays visually appealing but also healthy to swim in. Algae and bacteria caused by an array of sources, such as top-up water and wind, can contaminate your pool water. By sanitizing the water, the contaminants are oxidized – that’s why it’s such an important process as part of maintaining your plunge pool. Many of the products available for plunge pool sanitization are similar (e.g. chlorine-based), but with distinct differences that make them better suited to one or another usage. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the most popular options for plunge pool sanitization.

Chlorine (Tablet, Powder, Liquid) 

Chlorine sanitization is the most popular type of sanitization for swimming pools big and small, private and commercial. Chlorine is readily available from all major pool suppliers, and online, making it an easy and cost-effective way to sanitize your plunge pool. It is a very effective form of sanitization.

Salt Chlorination 

Salt chlorination is a method of utilizing chlorine sanitation for your plunge pool without having to worry about handling and storing the chlorine before usage. A saltwater chlorinator produces chlorine via electrolysis, and delivers effective pool sanitation. 

Mineral Salt 

Mineral salt is another chlorine-based sanitization solution, but in this case, mineral salt is added to the pool before being converted to chlorine in-situ. A big advantage of mineral salt sanitization systems is that the addition of the mineral salt to the plunge pool water will give it a smooth and luxurious feel, perfect for relaxation. It also feels lovely to swim in a mineral water pool, as it’s gentle on the skin.


Ozone sanitization solutions work by safely and effectively destroying debris and bacteria through oxidation. Ozone systems are used as secondary sanitizers, in conjunction with a primary sanitizer (like chlorine). They can’t be used as primary sanitizers. Ozone sanitation is a great choice for sanitizing your plunge pool, but keep in mind their set up can be expensive. 

Natural Pool 

A natural swimming pool utilizes a biological filter to keep your pool clean safely and healthily, without the need for any chemical additives. Natural sanitation systems do require a large amount of space, however, so are generally unsuitable for plunge pools. 

How Narellan Pools Can Help 

Narellan Pools are dedicated to helping their clients in Canada, and our local pool builders throughout the country are always ready to give advice. We have decades of combined experience in the design and installation of high-quality, beautiful fiberglass plunge pools. We will happily help you to find the best sanitization solution for your fiberglass pool. 

If you’ve been thinking about having a plunge pool installed in your place, and you want to know more about them, Narellan Pools are ready to help. Get in touch with your local Narellan pool builder today to discuss how to bring your dream plunge pool to life and to determine the best option for your plunge pool sanitization.

Your local Narellan pool builder will guide you through the entire pool journey, so you’ll feel informed and supported every step of the way. Whether you have questions about sanitizing your fiberglass plunge pool, or you just want guidance on picking a colour, you’ll be in good hands!

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