Do Swimming Pools Add Value To Your Home?
May 19, 2023

Do Swimming Pools Add Value To Your Home?

If you’re looking for a way to add value to your home, while building something useful that the whole family will enjoy, consider adding a pool to your backyard. Swimming pools are a great way to add something functional that will help you enjoy more of your property. They’re also a great selling feature down the road if you decide to sell your home.

Considering adding a pool to your property? Here’s what to expect.

The pros and cons of installing a pool

When considering adding a pool to your backyard space, it’s good to weigh the pros and cons. A fiberglass swimming pool comes with a lot of up-side, including:

  • A quick and easy installation process
  • A coating that withstands UV damage and will help repel bacteria and algae, making maintenance a breeze
  • Creating a place for entertaining and expanding the useable living space of the property
  • Withstands wear and tear and continues to keep its appearance over time
  • A flexible fiberglass shell is weather resistant and is flexible enough to withstand extreme temperature shifts in the ground surrounding it
  • Lifetime warranty on inground pools, meaning you can enjoy your pool without ongoing maintenance 
  • A variety of sizes and styles, with a wide range of colour options as well

Depending on what you are looking for, there may be a few downsides as well:

  • Fiberglass shells come pre-fabricated, so the sizing and colours, though diverse, aren’t as varied as concrete or vinyl lined pools
  • Also, since your pool will come pre-fabricated, your property will need to allow for the access of heavy equipment to put the pool in place

Swimming pools are a value-add

Aside from a few downsides, largely related to the fact the pool comes pre-fabricated, installing a pool in your backyard will add value to your home. The clear advantage of adding a swimming pool to the home is that it offers an average rate of return of 10-40%.

The general consensus is that a pool will add value to the home if it is in proportion to the yard and doesn’t overwhelm the garden/backyard area. Pools become a natural extension to the home, making them visible from the interior. Installing a swimming pool with surrounding patio space also allows for a natural flow between the indoors and outdoors and creates extra “living space” that can be multi-purpose. You’ll be able to use the newly created poolside space for anything from lounging to al fresco dining.

Approximate costs of installing a new swimming pool

Fiberglass swimming pools cost between $30,000-$45,000. This is typically less than the cost of a cement/vinyl lined pool, which is much more labour intensive to construct. However, there are a few other factors that will affect the overall price.  The final cost of installing a new fiberglass swimming pool will vary based on a variety of factors, including:

  • The size and style of the pool
  • The accessibility builders will have to the back yard
  • The equipment to keep your pool beautiful and clean
  • The additional features, such as; lighting, water features, heating, etc.

Maintenance of fiberglass pools

While the idea of maintaining a pool may seem intimidating for first-time pool owners, a fiberglass pool’s maintenance is fairly easy and rather straightforward. You’ll be happy to hear that fiberglass pools require much less maintenance than concrete or vinyl-lined pools. 

The main pool maintenance tasks include:

  • Regular cleaning with fiberglass-specific products
  • Checking water chemistry
  • Running the pool filter
  • Keeping the water level above the skimmer

The gel coat surface of your fiberglass pool is non-porous, meaning algae and bacteria will have a hard time attaching to the surface. This means you’ll spend less time brushing your pool. Any leaves or surface debris can be easily removed using a surface skimmer. You may even want to invest in a robotic or suction cleaner to help lift away debris from the bottom of the pool, making regular maintenance even easier.

The Narellan Pools Promise

When you’re ready to add value to your home by installing a fiberglass swimming pool, our knowledgeable team will be already to assist. We ensure that every step of the process is transparent and explain everything you need to know about your pool and the installation process upfront so that there are no hidden surprises.

What’s more, Narellan Pools’ fiberglass swimming pools come with a manufacturer’s structural warranty to protect your pool against structural defects. We work with local Canadian builders that have been hand-picked by Narellan Pools based on their expert training and excellent qualifications. They’re with you every step of the way, to walk you through the process, handle the entire installation, and perform a pool handover when the work is done. They’ll even help if you’re in need of landscaping advice or work to ensure your entire backyard is transformed according to your specifications.

Learn more about the benefits of a fiberglass swimming pool and enquire with Narellan Pools today!

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