From Design To Installation – The Narellan Pools Process
May 19, 2023

Congratulations on deciding to get a brand new fiberglass pool at your home! Now you’ve probably got heaps of questions about the installation, so let’s answer them.

The excellent news about Narellan Pools is they’re quick and easy to install. We take care of everything, so the whole process of fiberglass pool installation is smooth, fast, seamless. In as little as a week or two, your pre-built pool will be ready to enjoy with your friends and family.

Phase 1: Design

In the first step of your pool building journey, you need to choose your swimming pool design. An expert pool builder will help you select the most suitable pool for your space and requirements during the initial consultation. They will help you choose between above ground pool installation or an inground fiberglass pool. The design phase typically takes 1 to 4 weeks, but ultimately it will depend on how many revisions are required. Once construction plans are signed off, your pool builder will apply for the required permits. Final approval can take another 1 to 4 weeks.

Phase 2: Excavation

This next step is to prepare your backyard for the swimming pool shell. Once everything has been measured and laid out, the swimming pool builders will dig the pool’s hole with an excavator. The hole depth is slightly deeper than the pool to allow for plumbing, electricals, supporting structures, and fill material to go underneath. Excavation can take up to a week, depending on access and if the excavator hits a rock shelf.

Phase 3: Installation

As the fiberglass shell is manufactured off-site, the construction of you your swimming pool occurs at the same time as the excavation. Once your backyard is ready, a truck delivers your pool shell to the site, and it’s lifted into the excavated hole by crane. With your fiberglass pool shell in place, the pool’s plumbing and filtration system plumbing is connected. Tests are conducted to its functioning properly. This phase usually takes a couple of days.

Phase 4: Supports

Once the shell is installed, your pool builder will pour the structural beam. This is a critical phase of the installation. The structural beam supports the swimming pool when filled with water and prevents it from flexing, cracking and even popping out of the ground! 

Phase 5: Handover

When the pool installation and testing of filtration equipment are complete,  your pool builder will attend the site to do the final checks on quality and workmanship. They will answer all your questions and officially hand over your new pool! All that’s left is to do now is take your first dip and enjoy your brand new swimming pool.

Phase 6: Landscaping

Landscaping puts the finishing touches on your dream backyard. Completing basic improvements around the pool and decking installation can usually take a week or two, but more extensive backyard landscaping will take longer. This phase depends on your backyard design and needs, so the time it takes can vary.

Phase 7: Maintenance

The good news is that your new fiberglass swimming pool won’t need much maintenance. All you need to do is test the water occasionally and keep your pool clean. That way, you can ensure your pool will be clean, safe, and fun for many years to come.

Narellan Pools 

With decades of experience, Narellan Pools are experts at designing, crafting, and installing the highest quality fiberglass pools. A swimming pool is a significant investment. Narellan Pools local Canadian pool builders will work closely with you to ensure you get exactly what you want. And it’ll be worth waiting a few weeks when you finally get to jump into the cool water of your brand new swimming pool in Canada.

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