How To Host The Ultimate Pool Party
May 22, 2023

Are you inviting friends and family over for a special occasion? Or, maybe you just want a get-together? Before you turn to your usual hosting techniques, you may want to consider a pool party.

As enticing environments that everyone enjoys, pools are excellent for socializing, playing, and relaxing around. If you’re in need of pool party ideas, here are some for you to consider.

Create the ultimate guest list

Like any good party, your pool party will start with a guest list. While writing one might seem a little obvious, it’s going to act as the platform for your next pool party ideas. From the music you choose to the pool party games you introduce, everything will revolve around those who send back their RSVP.

Create pool party games everyone will enjoy

The pool party games you choose will depend on who’s in attendance. For example, if you’re hosting one for a kid’s birthday party, you may want to try a mermaid or shark race. Dress the little ones in (pool safe) costumes representing mermaids or sharks and get them to race in exchange for prizes.

If you’re looking for pool party games that people of all ages can enjoy, try either a treasure hunt or staying afloat on inflatable toys. Your treasure hunt can involve gathering items from the pool floor using one arm, or seeing who can reach one the fastest. As for staying afloat, grab a selection of inflatable toys and make participants attempt to knock each other off in the middle of the pool.

Tips for a great pool party food selection

When it comes to tips for a great pool party, you can’t forget the need to include certain foods. Ideally, you’ll host a barbecue that features light snacks for just before swimming, and heavier ones for when everyone is winding down. Striking the right balance prevents attendees from feeling swamped with stodge, allowing them to enjoy each moment of your event.

Additionally, you may want to create a drinks station. Try to revolve your cocktails, mocktails, and alcohol selection around the theme you’re choosing. For example, if you’re generating a tropical setting, you may want to include Mai Tais. Add alcoholic and non-alcoholic variants of each drink to keep everyone happy.

Produce a playlist and designate a DJ

Finally, what is a great pool party without the right atmosphere? Your playlist can make or break the way guests feel, so try to broaden your appeal according to who’s attending. Consider the ages of those making an appearance and select songs from decades as you see fit.

While creating your playlist, consider who will manage it and how you’ll keep your equipment safe. There’s no need to soak your laptop or surround sound system, so exercise some sensibility. Try placing the music source inside and pointing speakers out of the window to protect your electronics.

Guest Safety

Overall, make sure you have fun while keeping every attendee safe. Try not to create a plan that’s too strict.

An excellent pool party involves lots of freedom and fun, it is equally important to make sure you undertake the correct supervision of children at all times. We recommend you designate an “on-duty lifeguard” at all times to ensure guest safety.

Pool Styling

Be sure to add some flair to your swimming pool to make it the stylish centerpiece of your party. Some great options include lightly-coloured floating lights, flowers or weighted balloons, as seen in the below pictures!

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