Narellan Pools Fiberglass Pool Sizes In Canada
May 22, 2023

Choosing the right size swimming pool for your family can be a little daunting, especially with the overwhelming choice of sizes and shapes. But with the help of the Narellan Pools pool installation team, you can turn your backyard vision into reality, fast and easy. 

Established almost 50 years ago, Narellan Pools is renowned worldwide as a leading manufacturer and distributor of high quality fiberglass swimming pools. The team of local Canadian pool builders have worked across the country for many years. They are experts in pool building and fully qualified for pool installations, and undeniably passionate about what they do. They’re on hand to give you the best backyard transformation available and provide you with the right advice on pool designs to suit your family home, property and requirements.

Pools of all sizes

Whether you’re after a fiberglass inground swimming pool or an above ground design,  the extensive range of designs offered by Narellan Pools ensures you’ll find a pool perfectly suited to your family’s requirements, no matter what size your backyard.

Standard family pool sizes are around six meters long by three meters wide. Some stunning designs are available in the Narellan Pools Canada range, such as the Symphony and Ascent, with new pool designs including the stately Grandeur and family-friendly Serene arriving in 2022. 

For fitness, lap pools like the Panama ranges from 4.8 metres (15′ 9″) to 10.8 meters (35′ 6″) in length and measure between two meters (6′ 8″) in width. 

If you’re tight on space, consider a compact or plunge pool. Plunge pools are typically three meters to seven meters in length and up to three meters wide and can be enhanced with swim jets, lights and heating to suit your lifestyle. 

Want to take your backyard oasis to the next level? Consider a combo install and include a spa or splash deck. The Neptune Spa is designed to fit eight adults and is an excellent option if you want the benefits of an adult retreat as part of your design.

It’s not all about the pools!

Narellan Pools not only provides pools either. You can also find a vast range of accessories that can help transform your backyard space. If you want to use your pool in the cooler months, for example, you might decide to install some heating into the pool’s system. Narellan Pools can also provide swim and spa jets, lights to brighten up your backyard experience, an automatic cleaning unit that keeps your pool sparkling, and splash decks or other water features, such as rainfall curtains and rock waterfalls.

Having your pool installed by Narellan Pools

Installation of your fiberglass swimming pool is easy with Narellan Pools. You don’t have to do a thing! Your local pool builder will do everything for you, from conception, excavation, installation and the structural beam right through to handover. First, your local Narellan Pools pool builder will ensure they have all the details they need for a fast and efficient installation. That includes instructions on where you want the pool to go, where pipes and utilities are located, as well as your chosen pool’s shape and dimensions. Narellan Pools’ can then mark out the right spot on your lawn before commencing excavation works.

Once the hole is ready, the team will maneuver and fit the pool into place with the help of a crane, adding in a drainage system at the deep end. They will add backfill around the edges, add some water, and run tests to ensure all the plumbing and filtration are working correctly. Once the team makes sure all the systems are in place, they will pour the concrete to hold the pool in place for decades to come. Within 2-3 days, you’ll be able to fill the pool, add the chemicals and start enjoying your new backyard oasis.

If you want to find out more about our pool sizes or the fiberglass pool installation process, get in touch with the team today.

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