Planning for a Plunge Pool – What To Consider
May 22, 2023

Despite the long history of plunge pools – which have been popular since ancient Roman times – many people don’t know what they are. But if you have a small backyard or an even smaller budget, or you just want somewhere to cool off, a plunge pool just might be the perfect swimming pool design option for you.

What Is A Plunge Pool?

Plunge pools are typically small inground swimming pools, which are used for wading, relaxing, cooling off, and aqua aerobics, as well as water rehabilitation or cold-water therapy, rather than swimming laps. While these compact pools come in a variety of shapes to suit different backyards, they are often one depth and installed in the ground, although there are above-ground models available.

Why You Should Consider A Plunge Pool

Plunge Pools Are Trendy

The small size of plunge pools can really help to enhance the overall aesthetic of any backyard. You can tailor it so that it really stands out and makes an audacious statement, or have it blend in unassumingly with the rest of the surrounding living space. They really allow for a lot of flexibility regarding their placement within whatever landscape you have.

Plunge Pools Are Cheaper

If price is an important factor for you, consider the savings you’ll get by installing a plunge pool. Smaller pools are generally cheaper to install and maintain. You can invest those savings in the landscaping and other surroundings, like mood lighting, a fire pit, luscious plants, and some poolside deck chairs and other furniture.

Plunge Pools Are Versatile

Also referred to as cooling down pools or splash pools, fiberglass plunge pools can often be just as easily installed indoors as they are in outdoors locations. They don’t have to be just used in summer, either. They can also be heated, perfect for providing a comfortable and enjoyable spa-like effect during the colder winter months. 

Plunge Pools Are Customisable

A plunge pool is able to be customised in many different ways, so it can align with the homeowners’ vision and however, they plan to use it. Some plunge pools might have some steps which make it easy to get in and out, and a bench seat that wraps around for enjoying with friends. Adding powerful jets at one side creates a current that can be swum against, whereas adding lower power massaging jets turns a plunge pool into a nice spa or hot tub. Then, of course, there’s choosing the colour!

Things To Consider Before You Install A Plunge Pool

Swimming Pool Space Requirements

Because they are so much smaller than normal size pools, a plunge pool can easily be installed in awkwardly shaped backyards or those with limited space where traditional swimming pools wouldn’t fit. They are often installed alongside the back deck or in between the fence and a wall, turning previously wasted space into a private area with an impressive new feature.

Swimming Pool Installation 

Plunge pools can be above ground pool installations, as well as inground, outside, or inside. An outdoor above ground plunge pool is generally the cheapest option, thanks to less ground preparation work required, so it can be completed quickly. The most expensive would generally be an inside inground, as it requires groundwork as well as the removal of the floor and an external wall in many cases.

Swimming Pool Temperature Control

Just like normal size pools, a plunge pool can either be heated or not. A heated pool will obviously cost more, so it comes down to your budget. But a high-quality gas or electric heating system is always much better value for money than cheaper units because they can maintain the ideal water temperature despite seasonal weather changes. 

Chemicals & Cleaning

The smaller size of plunge pools obviously means a smaller amount of water which makes them infinitely easier to maintain with fewer chemicals and other cost savings. With the less time, you’ll spend cleaning your plunge pool, you can spend more time actually enjoying it!

In Closing…

Swimming pools are an excellent addition to any backyard, especially when the temperature rises in the warmer months. If a traditional swimming pool isn’t an option in your back yard, or you’d just prefer a smaller pool that’s cheaper, smaller, and easier to maintain, a plunge pool is perfect for you.

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