Pool Surrounds and Landscaping Options
May 22, 2023

Mapping out and developing the pool space you’ve always envisioned is an exhilarating process, but at times you can be overwhelmed by it. If you’ve been looking into buying a pool for a while now, you likely know that there are several materials available in the market for your pool coping and surrounds, and just as many landscaping options, as well.

Once you’ve got your pool shape and size sorted, you’ll want to next decide on the coping and pool surrounds, and what your plans are for landscaping. This blog explores some pool coping/surrounds and landscaping options, to help you determine how you can truly bring your backyard vision to life.

Make a note of the style you like and write down any questions you have about a certain option, as you can go through those questions with your pool builder.

Pool Coping/Surround Ideas


Loved for their durability, variety and ease-of-use, pavers and tiles are consistently popular, and you’ll find you can easily access different styles. Numerous different stone materials can be transformed into pavers, such as sandstone, travertine and marble, and aside from stone, there is also porcelain. Importantly, when deciding on a paver, ensure that it isn’t slippery when wet (you don’t want any accidents poolside!), and find out if any sealers are needed to protect the look of the stone down the track.


Concrete is often used for pool coping and pool surrounds, and it can be constructed in several ways. For instance, exposed aggregate is appealing to many pool owners, because it features flecks of stones and has a more textured feel for better grip. Poured concrete can be more affordable compared with other options like pavers when it comes to pool surrounds, as pavers can be more costly due to the work involved in placing the tiles.


Timber decking is popular as a complement to standard coping materials such as tiles. Decking creates a beautiful, natural look when used in poolscaping, and blends well with a lot of backyards. A popular decking variant is composite decking, which emulates the look of real wood decking, but doesn’t require anywhere near the same level of upkeep! The initial costs of installing composite decking are often more than real wood decking, but the lower maintenance will balance out those costs in the long run.

Landscaping Ideas


Plants are a sure-fire way to add colour and life to your poolside area, and they will help the pool space to mesh with the rest of your backyard. While you may wish to build a retaining wall to house a new poolside garden, you could always simply choose potted plants to place in the pool space. Ornamental grasses and succulents make for excellent poolside plants, being low maintenance and superb in many climates. If you’re looking for something bigger and offering a splash of colour, a dogwood tree could work well.

Water Features

Have you thought about further enhancing your pool with a water feature? Available in a range of option, such as sunpods and water curtains, water features can be the perfect addition to your pool space, transforming your yard into an artwork for year-round enjoyment. Depending on the style of your water feature, the colours in it can be designed to replicate that of the colours throughout your backyard, to tie everything together.

Entertaining Space

Your backyard transformation might involve using the services of a landscaper. A landscaper can develop a space connecting your outdoor entertaining area to your swimming pool. Key considerations for your entertaining space should be that it has shade and room for a table with chairs. Think about extending your pool surrounds to your outdoor entertaining space for a cohesive look. For instance, the decking used around your pool can be used as the base for your entertaining space.

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