Spring Cleaning Your Pool Area
May 22, 2023

With spring here and warmer weather on its way, now is an ideal time to prepare your pool area for swim season. While it’s important to ensure your pool is ready for use, it’s just as important to get your pool area in tip-top shape, so that the entire pool area is clean, tidy and inviting.

Wondering where to start to get your pool area into order? You’re in the right place. Read on to learn our tips to take your pool space from messy to mesmerizing.

Clean up your chemicals

Start by doing a stocktake of your pool chemicals and cleaning products. Doing a clean-up of the pool chemicals ahead of opening your pool up for the season is a smart idea, as you’ll ensure you have the products you need when you need them, and you can get rid of any old supplies that are no longer required. All pool chemicals and cleaning products should be stored safely in a locked backyard shed, to prevent children and pets from getting inside. By storing your products this way, you can also see where everything is and determine if you’re running low on any products and need to re-order.

Tidy up the toys

After an enormously fun swim season, it’s normal to have collected a bunch of pool toys and inflatables, but where do they end up? You might find pool balls in the bushes, and pool noodles lying poolside. It’s always best to put away all pool toys and inflatables after each swim, to keep them protected from the elements. This way, you don’t end up spending more money later on replacing ruined toys! It’s also important from a safety angle, to keep the pool area clear of any tripping hazards. Have a look through the pool toys you’ve collected and consider their condition. If they’re damaged, throw them out, but if you just have some you’re not using anymore, donate them where possible. Store your inflatables and pool toys separately from where you store your pool chemicals.

Get into the garden

The wild weather of autumn and winter can wreak havoc on our backyards, and consequently, we can find that our gardens become overgrown and messy. As the weather warms up, make a point of tidying up your garden. Aside from the obvious tasks like mowing the lawn, prune any plants that have become unruly, and pay particular attention to trees, shrubs or bushes near the pool. If any of them are creeping their way into the pool area, prune them back so there’s less chance of their sticks and leaves ending up in your pool water. Bonus tip: Keep your pool cover on while you mow the lawn or prune poolside plants, as this will help to prevent debris falling into the pool.

Organize the odd jobs

Once you’ve tackled the garden, consider if there is anything else in and around the pool area that needs attention. If you have glass pool fences for instance, they could be due for a clean. If you have pavers around your pool, check to see if they need to be re-sealed. Hose down any deck chairs (watch out for spiders!) and if you have a pool umbrella, check that it’s still in good operating order. Spring provides the perfect opportunity to address any pool or poolside items that need a good clean or repairing.

Give yourself plenty of time to freshen up your pool area, as some jobs will be more time-consuming than others. Once you’re done though, you’ll be able to reap the rewards of your efforts, with a beautiful, welcoming pool area.

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