How Long Does It Take to Build a Swimming Pool?
May 19, 2023

A swimming pool is a great addition to any backyard. There are few additions you can make to a property that have the same versatility and value for money as swimming pools do. Exercise, relaxation, entertaining, playing with the kids – the benefits and potential uses of your own swimming pool are endless. 

Like any significant addition to a property, though, a swimming pool takes careful planning and consideration to get right. Knowing what will happen at each stage of the process and how long you can expect to wait will help you to best prepare for your new swimming pool. 

The Typical Fiberglass Pool Installation Process 

The process of buying and installing a swimming pool can be split up into various milestones. Each milestone has its own considerations and timeframe depending on the options you select, the terrain, and time of year may prolong the process due to high demand. Overall, you should expect the process to take several weeks, so if you want a pool in time for the summer be sure to plan early. 


The process starts with the initial design consultation. A pool builder will work with you to select a model and style that is best suited to your requirements and space, before making the final construction plans. This stage can take between 1 – 4 weeks depending on how many revisions are required to achieve your goals. 


As with most construction work, a swimming pool will require a permit and planning permission before work can commence. The process and time vary by municipality, with some faster and simpler than others, but in general, you should account for 3 – 4 weeks for approval. In extreme cases, this step can take a couple of months. Your pool builder will be able to advise you of the timeframe you should expect for your local area.


Work begins on-site by excavating the area where the pool shell will be installed. Generally, excavation is fairly fast, taking only a couple of days, but complex terrain, underground obstacles or adverse weather can delay this step. 


Before the swimming pool shell can be installed, the various infrastructure elements such as plumbing, electrical, and supporting structures must be put in place. Depending on the design and location of your previous infrastructure, and therefore how complex it is to connect to, this part of the process will vary, but generally expect it to take a couple of weeks. 


You are now ready to have your new swimming pool installed. This step will vary depending on the type of pool you have opted for. Fiberglass pools are the easiest and fastest to have installed, taking just a couple of weeks as they will arrive pre-built, ready to be inserted into the ground. Vinyl pools are also fairly fast – around the 2 – 3-week mark. The longest type of swimming pool installation by far is concrete or gunite style pools, with the process of scheduling spraying and finishing of the concrete taking approximately 3 weeks, with an additional week required for drying time. 


This stage of the process will have the largest variation in time frame depending on how much work you wish to have completed. Basic landscaping and decking installation can be completed in 1 – 2 weeks, but more extensive overhauls of your backyard will take longer. 

Completed Build 

Your pool is now completed and ready to go. The pool builder will attend your property to check the work for completeness and quality, cover any questions or issues you may have and make the official handover. All that’s left is to enjoy your new swimming pool. 

Before you Begin 

A swimming pool is a large investment, but a worthwhile one. A high-quality fiberglass in-ground swimming pool from Narellan Pools will provide long lasting joy for you and your family , and provide a space to exercise, entertain, and relax. Before you begin your journey of swimming pool ownership, however, there are a few things you should consider and plan out.

Cost and Budget 

Swimming pools can vary greatly in cost, for a number of reasons. Concrete pools tend to be more expensive than fiberglass pools, and vinyl pools are slightly cheaper than concrete and fiberglass pools. There may also be upgrades, optional extras, and additional landscaping or changes you wish to make along the way. Setting a clear budget before you start the project will help you to keep costs under control and prevent overspending. 

Seasonal Usage 

How and when you intend to use your swimming pool is an important question to consider before finalizing your plans. Additions such as advanced in-pool heating systems will help to keep you swimming as the weather cools down, keeping the water at the perfect temperature for jumping in. Of course, there does come a time each year when preparing your pool for winter becomes paramount. Outside of the pool, poolside heaters will ensure that you keep warm while relaxing before and after a swim or while keeping an eye on the kids. 

Maintenance and Operation 

The initial upfront cost of the swimming pool is only part of the picture. Regular maintenance costs and on-going running costs for lighting, heating, and cleaning should also be carefully considered when planning out your swimming pool and its budget. Fiberglass swimming pools need very little maintenance but staying on top of maintenance and keeping your pool clean is the best way you can ensure that you will have a safe and usable product for years to come. 


Keeping your swimming pool and the area safe should be a top priority. Water can be dangerous, especially when small children and animals are around, but equally so for adults. Securing the pool with a fence is often a legal requirement (check with your local planning jurisdiction), but there are also other steps you can take to make your pool safer. Consider the addition of extra anti-slip coatings around the pool edge and keep any food/drink such zones e.g. barbecue areas, a safe distance from the water. 

Insurance and Liability 

One thing people often forget when they make the addition of a pool to their property is to check and update their home insurance policy. You should notify your home insurance provider of the addition and check your cover level in regard to liability for accident or injury. 

Narellan Pools 

At Narellan Pools we have decades of experience in design, crafting, and installing high-quality fiberglass swimming pools at properties throughout Canada. Our local pool builders will start the process by working with you closely to select a design from our extensive range of fiberglass shells, and helping you to choose a size, shape, and colour that best fits your needs, vision and property. Your fiberglass shell will be manufactured in our state of the art Canadian-based facility. When it comes to installation, our local pool builders will begin work at your property to make the necessary foundations for your shell to be installed. 

Narellan Pools offers a wide range of fiberglass pool shells designed to fit all sorts of backyards. Our range includes a variety of styles designed and optimized for your intended usage: dedicated swimming, general exercise and relaxation, personal spa, or an entertainment and party space. 

Get in touch with the Narellan Pools team to start planning and designing your dream fiberglass swimming pool today.

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